We thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to outline our Publishing Partner Program. In this Daily Brown Bag, Adam and Chad provide you with a quick overview of our background and you’ll also learn how we've helped a lot of small businesses and publishers gain more success online! In addition, you’ll gain insights on how digital marketing and traditional publishing are starting to merge and we discuss the details of our exciting Publishing Partner Program, including its four parts (website engagement, correspondent news content creation, content promotion - social & insights, and native advertising), which are all necessary to create high content buzz.

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Thank you for your interest in our Publishing Partner Program. I'm Chad Hill, I'm the CEO here at Semify.

Hi, and I'm Adam Stetzer, President. Chad, this is a really fun video for us to shoot. We want to really outline something we're very, very excited about, which is our Publishing Partner Program and I think we might give people in this very short video just like a quick overview of what it is and how we got here. I mean you can start with just a little bit of our background.

Yeah. Semify has been in business for six years and we help a lot of small businesses and a lot of publishers have gained more success online, so things like SEO, paid search, taking advantage of social media. We have a long track record of helping businesses, like I said, get more traffic and get more success online.

One of the most interesting things, to me, over the last couple of years that Chad and I have been noticing is that digital marketing and traditional publishing are starting to merge, PR is starting to merge with SEO. We're seeing a lot of the traditional lines start to blur and as we've been out to some of these national conferences, particularly the Leading in Local and the Borrell Conference in New York earlier this year, we started to hear a lot of people talking about very interesting concepts that seemed to be crossing what was traditionally things that were done by newspapers, those that were done by digital marketing advertising firms, native advertising being a great example, and we started to see just real opportunity where we could, perhaps, partner with smaller newspapers in a mutually beneficial way. We want to lay out for you what our vision is and help you understand what we're doing here today.

There really are four parts of the program that we put together. The first one is all about website engagement. We know obviously that the website is the core of any online marketing presence and more and more with mobile devices and social media, if your website it not optimized to take advantage of all of the different ways people are finding your website and sharing the content on your website, then your chances of success are pretty low. So we start with really helping people improve and optimize their websites.

From there, we have a whole program that can help you with the content for your website. So we have a team of writers that can really focus in on your area and help deliver great, compelling content. It's going to get shared online, which is going to bring more visitors back to your website.

The third part of our program is really been taking advantage of all of the social media platforms out there and finding ways to expand the reach of your program. So we may not necessarily do the social media posting for you, but what we've done is put together insights and benchmarks that help you figure out when to post, how frequently to post, whether you should take advantage of some of the paid promotion opportunities on Facebook and other platforms to really maximize the money you're putting in and the time you're putting in to drive the most traffic.

And then the final part of our program is all about native advertising. It's really the buzz and a lot of online publications these day and we've got a unique way that we're looking at, helping publications like yours get market with a native advertising platform.

I know our initial tests, Chad, have been very positive and again I just want to stress how excited we are about this direction. It's new for us, but it's been kind of a grassroots effort because we bumped into folks in the publishing space, running newspapers at conferences. We've become friendly with some of them and tried some of these ideas. We're seeing great success, so we're really eager to get to know you and your publication, how these four areas that Chad outlined can help you. We know a lot of organizations are resource constrained and they have a hard time getting these things done.

We have a lot of expertise, having done this for hundreds of clients over our six years of business, so we're eager to see where we can engage and help each other. We look forward to hearing from you and working together soon.