We are happy to announce our June 2010 feature for our SEO reseller program: The RSS Blurb.

We've talked about RSS many times. And while it is a complicated technical process, most people understand that it is a great way to build backlinks. They may not understand exactly how, but they generally like it. The reason why RSS is so appealing for link-building is that it was designed for syndication (it's actually in the name, depending on who you ask). RSS (Real Simple Syndication) was designed as a protocol to help people distribute content between servers that would normally not talk to each other. First pioneered as a method for mass distribution of hot news stories, the news media was the first to really use it. And they found great success because RSS overcomes the typical interoperability problem. After that, it didn't take long before the bloggers realized that this was a pretty good idea for general blogging as well.

Today, every major blogging platform supports RSS creation and syndication. More and more of them are including RSS readers as well. RSS has been completely accepted by the technical community as the way to syndicate content when you are trying to get the word out. Semify has had RSS creation capabilities for several years, but this month we are introducing a twist that we believe will make the links more potent.

Specifically, starting this month, you will see tasks in Semify called "Blurb." This is a new task type that is shorter than a blog post and intended exclusively for our RSS syndication and link-building approach. Whereas we had previously used a excerpt from a blog post or article for RSS, this feature introduces completely unique content into the RSS feed. While our syndication approach is the same, we believe the addition of this unique content into the feed will make the links carry more weight.

Semify is pleased to be adding this unique content into our RSS link-building at no additional cost. The amount of content varies by plan, but all of our plans are getting this valuable enhancement as part our June 2010 SEO reseller feature release.