This month we are responding to feedback related to the client management section of our SEM portal. As you will recall, last summer we rolled out a full-featured Sales / CRM module in Semify. We had been using SalesForce ourselves up to that point and we found it was overkill. SalesForce simply had too many features and was not specific enough to the SEO / PPC / SEM market for us. We felt that we could do more with less. Thus the Sales / CRM module in Semify.

Recently we received some feedback on that module. Specifically, we were still having to email back and forth with our resellers to start-up a new SEO or PPC campaign. Furthermore, the information we were sharing was already resident in our platform. This simply opened up the possibility of data errors. All it takes is a simple typo in a URL and an entire SEO campaign can be hosed. It seemed that there was a better way.

Starting this month, Resellers can now use the SEM Portal to initiate and pay for a new campaign. This feature is open to those who use our SEM Portal as their sales management system or not. In the end the data needs to be in Semify anyway. We thought we should take this opportunity to streamline the process, cut down on data inaccuracies, and cut out another email or two (who doesn't like that?).