Meet SEO Superhero - Steel Shadow

Steel Shadow is the kind of Superhero who doesn't get many accolades. Sometimes the other Guardians of Main Street forget that she's there because she tends to lurk in the shadows. Being trained as a spy does that to a person.

Steel Shadow could have used her skills and experience for her own advancement or to help big businesses get even bigger and more powerful.

Could have. But didn't.

Instead, she put her super powers to work for Semify and used her research and writing talents to develop quality content for small business clients. Remember, this was a time when others were writing content only for the search engines. Steel Shadow has always cared about the quality of the content that Semify produces for direct clients and SEO resellers' clients.

Steel Shadow makes rare appearances for photo ops and Guardians of Main Street team meetings, but otherwise operates in the shadows to help small businesses and local community non-profits.