Social Media Monitoring

I blogged last week about the pilot of our social media monitoring module. We are very excited to be pushing this module to production for our direct clients and SEO resellers (and reseller clients) tonight. We know that social media is an increasingly important aspect of any business' online presence. While many are completely intimidated by what can actually be done to influence it, we think that all companies should at least be monitoring their social media presence. With the November release of Semify, you can do just that. We are currently offering this at no extra charge to our current SEO reseller community (this may change in the future). As always, we welcome your feedback on version 1.

Sales Center

The other major portion of our November Semify release is our Sales Center. This is also a new tab in our technology portal. Again, this will be available both to direct clients and SEO resellers (and clients of our resellers). The Sales tab allows a client to track all lead activity. We had previously been able to report on conversions, phone calls and traffic to a website. The Sales tab takes that functionality one step farther by incorporating sales lead tracking. As you know, we use Semify as our primary CRM / sales tracking tool. We offer this capability to our resellers for free to help them grow their businesses. While that is not new news, the ability for SEO resellers to offer a sales lead tracking service to their clients is.


Particularly exciting is our new Sale Lead Form that allows for clients to place a simple HTML form on their website (or their client's website) and push the data directly into Semify. When a sales lead is captured, the end user is notified. Additionally, our Sales Center has great reports and these leads are included in our monthly report pdf. This functionality, like everything we do, respects our white label (private label) philosophy and is completely administerable from within your private label portal.

Like most features we add to our SEO reseller private label portal, the addition of Social Media Monitoring and Sale Lead Tracking have been requested by our reseller partners. We firmly believe that these features will help reseller defend their fees and show real value to their clients. We are excited to be able to meet the demands of their growing businesses and look forward to refining these two modules as we "burn them in."