Get New Insights and Learn About Our March Adwords Contest

Our PPC and marketing team have an exciting March planned. First, our Google Adwords Agency team has lined up some awesome prizes for the reseller who wins the Semify Challenge. Find more details and register for the contest at

We’ll also unveil our new eBook about retargeting. Come hear about the custom research we conducted on retargeting and how consumers interact with those ads that follow them from site to site!

Finally, learn more about the Semify PPC services. We’ll take you through our programs and share some of the great results our clients are getting from PPC.

Mark your calendar for our next webinar where you will learn more about our successful PPC services, upcoming contest with Google, survey results, and you’ll have the ability to ask any questions that you may have.

In the webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about our PPC services that’ll benefit your clients
  • Get a report on our PPC Retargeting survey that we conducted for our eBook, which we’ll be releasing soon
  • Learn about our upcoming contest that we are conducting with Google