Weekly HubFeed: 4/18/2014

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We cover Matt Cutts' debunking common SEO myths in his regular Webmaster series on YouTube, how many marketers don't get ROI and don't know how to communicate it effectively to their upper-management, and more in under 2 minutes!

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Cutts on SEO Myths

  • In a recent Google Webmaster Tips video, Matt Cutts debunked some common SEO myths.
  • The first myth that Cutts addressed was that buying ads, or refraining from, on Google through AdWords does not impact rankings.
  • Another myth Cutts addresses is that fads like submitting articles to article directories don’t help you rank number one.
  • The take-away from the video is that if you create quality content, Google will always work in your favor as their goal is to deliver quality results to their users.

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Facebook Cracking Down on Spammers

  • In Facebook’s second algorithm update of the year, Facebook is cracking down on spammers that are like-baiting and utilizing other spam tactics on the social networking site.
  • Facebook’s news feed algorithm has always favored posts with the highest amount of engagement to show up higher on users’ feeds. The update will target pages that use these techniques, and has offered reassurance that pages that genuinely foster discussion will not be penalized.
  • Facebook has also installed technology that will detect spam links, or links to content that might seem genuine, but actually lead to harmful, malicious or misleading pages.
  • This algorithm update for Facebook shows that the company wants to be a leader in content discovery for its users.

Read more about Facebook’s latest algorithm update at the Facebook Newsroom.

Marketers Don’t Get ROI in New Survey

  • In a report released by The Fournaise Marketing Group, 90% of marketers aren’t trained in ROI or marketing performance, and 80% don’t know how to communicate the effectiveness of their campaigns properly to top management.
  • Other interesting statistics were that ? marketers don’t believe that marketing ROI required a financial outcome, which is by definition the measurement of ROI.
  • The study surveyed over 1,200 professionals in marketing positions and top-level management roles.
  • Read more about this report on The Fournaise Marketing Group’s website.