We are pleased to be rolling out Version 1 of our White Label SEO report to resellers this month. Up to this point end-users have had to log into the Semify SEM portal to access the huge volume of data. We have heard from several white label SEO resellers that they would prefer this data, in limited quantities, be pushed to our end-users. Toward that end, we have designed a very easy-to-use SEO report. We have tried to strike a balance between watering the monthly SEO report down too much and killing our customers with details. In a field like SEO, this is a difficult task. But we are hopeful that Version 1 of the Monthly SEO Report will accomplish these goals.

We understand the importance of the value proposition. We know that your customers receive calls every day from competitors. Many understand that finding strong value in this field is difficult. But many need reminders. It is our hope that the Monthly SEO Report will softly reinforce a positive message: Doing business with us is good for your bottom line. We put our data where our mouth is and show our customers why they should stay with us.