You've probably never heard these words before—White Label Press Teambecause

No other white label SEO reseller offers anything like it.

This is how it works:

Semify's SEO Reseller Program includes things like:

  • Mentions in Community Newspapers (through our Publishing Partner Program)
  • Featured News
  • Business Quotes
  • PRWeb Press Releases
  • Videos
  • BuzzGraphics
For each of these things, your client needs to be contacted and interviewed because content marketing, SEO, branding...the content you produce for your client has to be real. It has to come from the source!

You need to contact your client, pinpoint the topic, conduct an interview, perfect the message, shape the quote, write the content, contact the client for approval, revise the content, contact the client again...Do you have time for that, and an efficient process in place to get it all done quickly? We do.

That's what our White Label Press Team does. We contact your client, as a representative of your company, and we do all the work for you. It's our responsibility.

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Hello, and welcome to our Daily Brown Bag. Today we’re going to be talking about our press team. I’m Chad Hill, and I’m joined by Adam Stetzer.

Hey, good morning, Chad. Welcome to the Brown Bag. We’re covering an exciting topic, that’s been the topic of a lot of discussion in our reseller community over the last year, and that is our white-labeled press team. I want to set this up a little bit, Chad, and then maybe ask you for some specifics on how it works. I think the genesis of our press team and our press outreach activities really goes back now probably about 16 months, Chad, when Google had a very large Penguin algorithm update and the whole SEO world really took stock in what was acceptable and what Google was now giving us guidance to do. Some of the strongest guidance that they gave us was to really work on the brand for the business. I know, Chad, that’s when we launched our real SEO initiative. We’ve got other videos and Brown Bags on that topic.

White Label Press Team

One of the new R&D products that came out of our real SEO initiative -- and it was with a lot of feedback from our white label SEO community, doing surveys, talking with them in our webinars -- was the invention of our press team. Working with small businesses on their brand, reaching out directly to them to do interviews, doing press releases, business quotes, and really starting a whole new line of activities along the lines of real SEO. Chad, for our SEO resellers who are just getting to know us and who are trying to understand how this is a point of differentiation from some of the other more traditional, older model SEO link building programs that are out there, what makes this extraordinary for our web program?

Real SEO

It’s really exciting to be doing this, Adam. The main thing that, as you said, we realized 16 months ago was that we really needed to do real SEO. We needed more input from the customer. Given that we’re an SEO reseller and that we provide a white label SEO service, it’s often a game of telephone going from us to the reseller to their end client, and then back again. And it was just taking too long, so we were ambitious and decided, “Could we actually get in touch as if we were the SEO reseller with their end customer?” That all starts with some technology that we developed. We allow everyone of our SEO resellers to actually have a white-labeled press team phone number. We, at Semify, have a phone number that’s in your local market, so that when we are contacting your end customer, it looks as if we are calling from your local market. If they were to call that number back, it actually announces that you’re calling your business with the press team extension. So it’d be [Agency] press team. The technology is the first part there.

More critically, what we’re able to with the different types of content that we create, namely press releases and also content type “Business Quote”: We’re able to actually reach out to your end customer, save you the time of making those individual contacts throughout the month, in order to get fresh, new information to make the SEO that we’re doing more real and valuable to an end-user audience and, therefore, of course, to your customer.

Press Release Process

The way that works is that, for a press release, our team contacts (of course, with your permission -- you have to opt in and give us the information of who to contact) your end customer, and we go through a 50-point interview. We announce that we’re calling on your behalf, and we’re here to contact you to do a press release. Then, we have a scripted interview we can go through to collect information about what’s going on in their business that month. Instead of us writing another press release that is really not news -- it’s just a rehashed version of the “About Us” -- we’re now able to create a really compelling, interesting press release. The same is true for business quotes. We’re able to find interesting, relevant stories that are going on in the news at any give time and then call your client to have them be quoted as an expert in that particular area. Attorneys can talk about big accidents or problems with medications, whatever it might be. A roofer or plumber can talk about the value or risk to a house with a good roof or a bad roof or good plumbing or bad plumbing. So we’re able to do a lot of this stuff that’s far more interesting than, again, something that’s kind of rehashing the “About Us” or “Services” page content.

The press team, again, it allows us to do the real SEO that we think is what needs to be done; the other benefit to this is now we’re getting in touch with your client more frequently and it becomes a way of demonstrating that they’re getting value from the services you’re providing. They’re realizing we’re doing work… we’re collecting information and getting that into the news. So the press team, Adam, has really been a monumental leap forward for us, and it’s something that allows us to deliver the real SEO that we want to do.

Google & Real SEO

Yeah, I’m really excited about this addition to our product. Again, we’re just about a year into it. If you look back through history, at what Google has told us to do, and our launching of real SEO…. People out shopping for white label SEO programs, if they’re still looking for link building from 2010 -- there are a lot of blog posts and videos out there telling you why you shouldn’t be doing that; I won’t rehash all of that here -- if you’re ready to really embrace the new world SEO, which, as you know, means working on the brand, really making a concerted effort with small business, that’s what we’re really focused on. We have been for a year and a half, and that’s where our press team really comes in.

Benefits of Utilizing The Press Team

A lot of people love it -- they love the product, the calls are all recorded. As Chad said, there’s a script, so you can really get to know it. For the few who have been slower to adapt, they have been coming around because (you said this as well Chad) they’re realizing that they don’t have to spend the time calling their client to do this. We’re doing this for them. It’s no additional cost. It’s built into the program. And that frees up time for our reseller to be out generating more marketing and lead activities. They’re actually working on growing their business rather than chasing down a client for a press release interview or a quote.


One last point I’ll make, Chad, before we close up the Brown Bag is that I’ve been watching these business quotes, and, in tandem with the media list that we’ve been building of small newspapers, the placements have been getting better and better. And that does not surprise me because, the more intimate we become with the end client and we’re talking with the editors at these newspapers, we’re able to pitch them into stories where they really are experts, and it’s someone they really want to be in that story. This all works hand-in-glove. We’re really working on the brand. We’re working on real SEO. We’re saving time for the reseller. I think the clients actually enjoy it because they’re seeing value, they’re getting more calls, and getting more time spent with them without any additional fee. All around, it’s a great addition to our product.

That’s our coverage today for our white-label press team, part of our SEO reseller program. If you’re interested in more information, please come to our four o’clock Q&A or give us a call. As always, we ask you to hit the subscribe button because we’d love to see you here tomorrow.