The Semify reseller development team has been extremely busy in July planning some outstanding new features for our SEO Reseller Technology Platform. Today I want to highlight a great new feature we are releasing this week: Self-Service Writer Pools.

While this may not sound like much, when you start to think through the details you will start to see the possibilities. Let me walk you through it. In the past, we had all of the Semify writers bunched into one big labor pool. As clients came in from our SEO reseller group, a writer was assigned to do the work and the Semify platform assigned the tasks. As you know, we pay special attention to writing high-quality content around specific targeted keywords for each of our clients. Content is never re-used. Furthermore, the majority of our writing is done on-shore.

Semify has put a great deal of time and care into the quality process to ensure our content writing is top-notch. Writers are tracked against two primary scores: Reliability and Quality. Their work undergoes manual review and score through an audit process. Any customer feedback is incorporated into their scores, which are prominently displayed to them in the Semify writer portal. We have found that this feedback loop is an excellent way to drive the quality of your content.

As you can tell, we're quite proud of our quality. However, we have had a few limitations to our content creation process for SEO resellers. Specifically, some of our resellers have asked if they can do their own writing. Up to this point, our technology platform did not support this feature. It had been our assumption that people who outsource SEO want everything outsourced. What we've found is that sometimes they need help with only certain aspects of the SEO / link-building process.

With this newest release to our SEO outsourcing platform, resellers and agencies can now select if they want to use the Semify writer team or their own. Our Writer Pool feature was specifically designed to further emphasize flexibility in our link-building process without compromising results or quality. For example, a firm who now decides to outsource SEO to Semify can elect to keep the content creation process in-house. In this scenario, they would outsource SEO process to Semify to manage the syndication process, link building, tracking and workflow. But the actual task of writing the content would be done in-house.

While we don't expect everyone will want to use this feature, we have a beta client on the platform already and we know others will want to follow. In the end, Semify wants to be the most robust technology platform for those who wish to outsource SEO, and we think the including of our Writer Pools feature takes us one step closer to fulfilling this vision.