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Being willing and able to change is a "need to have" skill

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    It can be difficult for some to leave their comfort zone. As digital marketers, we are in an industry where if we are not willing and able to change, we will not succeed.

    This goes for our attitudes, mentality, products, services, and the like. Here is an article that may help put you at ease if you are facing a situation where the idea of change has been brought to the table.

    02/22 at 11:55 AM (22046)
  • Amanda Reply

    Agree, on all of this.

    One of the most important things in life is to do things that scare you or challenge you. That's why I've been doing martial arts for so many years - it constantly reminds me that the only way I can get any better is by challenging myself, either through sparring with someone who is faster than me, grappling with someone bigger than me, running with someone who has better endurance than me. It's not always fun, but it's necessary.

    02/22 at 04:24 PM (22055)
    • Chris S Reply

      This thread is a valuable reminder to everyone in the office to be nice to Amanda...

      02/24 at 10:19 AM (22079)
    • Amanda Reply


      I like to tease Ryan that I'm going to beat him up, but I'm actually more the non-violent type, honestly.

      02/24 at 02:55 PM (22089)
  • Member 21001 Reply

    Digital marketing is an industry that is constantly changing and adapting to the times and technology available to us. If we are afraid to adapt with the industry it will be extremely difficult to succeed and meet the needs of clients. This article gave some very helpful tips to make change a less painful process.

    03/02 at 09:11 AM (22157)