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White Label Local SEO Map Pack Plan


Semify’s Map Pack Plan for Small Business SEO Success

Running a small business is already hard enough. If you have to compete against the big guys, it’s even tougher.

But what many business owners don’t realize is that Google wants small businesses to succeed. They’ve even created free tools to help them do it. But are your clients taking full advantage of them?

Here’s a little known fact: Google’s algorithms for local organic search and its map pack are completely different. So all the work you’re already doing to help your clients rank in organic search might not get them featured in that map pack search “real estate.”

We’ve launched our new Map Pack plan to target the ranking signals Google really cares about and double your clients’ chances of showing up in search results.

With our Map Pack plan, you’ll receive the exemplary service and support you already expect from Semify, with some additional tools to boost your clients’ performance in local search:

Geogrid Ranking Technology

You’ll never have to wonder whether local customers are finding your clients. See exactly how your client ranks on target keywords within their community using our innovative geogrid technology.

Google Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is one of the most important ranking signals for the map pack algorithm. We’ll make sure your clients’ listings are accurate, updated regularly, and receiving quality backlinks so they never miss a customer connection.

Uberall Directory Listings

Leverage the undeniable power of Uberall to streamline your clients’ online directory listings and ensure they’re easily found on all platforms. Instantly gain access to 50+ directories; we’ll take care of the rest.

Online Review Management

Most customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. We’ll publish timely responses to your clients’ GBP reviews, as well as repurpose existing reviews for additional FAQ content.

Social Sharing

It’s time to get social. Did you know that 75% of B2B buyers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions? We’ll share your clients’ Google Business Profile updates on Facebook to boost their brand voice and audience reach while driving traffic and sales.

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What Are Some Signs I Need White Label Local SEO?

Many agency owners hesitate to outsource their white label SEO fulfillment. They need to know they have a reliable and knowledgeable fulfillment partner who always has their back. In our 15+ years in the white label marketing space, we’ve come to recognize some common signs that agency owners may benefit from outsourcing to a partner like Semify. You or your clients might need white label local SEO if…

  • You’re so overwhelmed with work you can’t take on new clients
  • You’re worried about late delivery or customer churn
  • You’re struggling to hire or retain in-house experts
  • You’re tired of managing a team of freelancers for fulfillment
  • You don’t feel confident in your own local SEO knowledge
  • Your clients keep asking you about the map pack and you aren’t sure how to help
  • You’d rather focus on new sales and retention rather than fulfillment
  • You don’t have a life outside of work and your schedule isn’t sustainable
  • You’re spending too much time or money on your current SEO fulfillment solution
  • You want to grow your business but need extra support to reach your goals
  • You want to add new service offerings to your clients for additional income streams
  • You know your clients need better results and don’t know what else to try

While there are no guarantees in SEO, we’re confident that we can provide the white label local SEO support you and your clients need to make real progress. Get in touch with our team to enroll in our white label SEO reseller program and start growing your business today.

White Label Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions

While search engine optimization (SEO) is meant to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results, local SEO is specifically geared towards helping websites show up in relevant, location-based search results. Local SEO services include things like geo-targeted keyword optimization, Google Business Profile optimization, online directory listings, online review management, technical website improvements (especially mobile responsive design), local link-building from PR opportunities, and more. Learn more about local SEO.

White label local SEO refers to local SEO services that are outsourced from a fulfillment partner (like Semify!). As a marketing agency owner, you can get the local SEO fulfillment support you need by working with our team, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Your clients will receive the high-quality local SEO services they expect – and you’ll free up your time to grow your agency via sales and customer retention efforts. Working with a white label local SEO partner is a viable alternative to hiring in-house experts or managing independent contractors. You’ll benefit from our years of experience, on-time delivery, and world-class customer service while you save both time and money. Your clients, in turn, will be set up for success in local search. Learn more about our white label SEO reseller program.

Local SEO is an essential part of any small business marketing strategy. For one thing, local SEO allows small business owners to level the search playing field. Rather than compete directly against global corporations with massive marketing budgets, local SEO can help small business owners more effectively connect with target customers in their area who are searching for nearby solutions.

While local searches typically have a smaller audience, that’s actually a good thing for your clients. Their marketing dollars will go further when they aren’t trying to appeal to a national audience. They’ll have more chances of appearing in relevant search results and ensuring their website is found by the right people. Since over 75% of mobile users visit a local business within 24 hours of performing a local search, your clients can benefit immensely from a local SEO strategy.

Search queries containing the phrase “near me” have grown exponentially in recent years. Consumers are actively looking for businesses in their community that provide the goods and services they need. Offering local SEO packages to your clients can improve their search visibility, site traffic, and even foot traffic for long-term success.

While local search is sometimes used as a catch-all term, there are actually some important distinctions to make here. We define local search as organic local search queries and results (i.e., what a local web user types into the Google search bar and then sees “below the fold” of ads and featured sections). It’s essentially a subset of an organic web search, with a focus on location – either specified within the query or based on precise location data. There are a number of ranking signals that can help a website appear in organic local search results, ranging from technical website design and online reviews to backlinks and on-site keyword optimization. The “map pack” is one of the featured sections that appears when local search queries are performed. Right below the sponsored results, users will usually see a map with a few different businesses listed. These map pack results are based on a completely separate search ranking algorithm; experts believe that Google Business Profile data is weighed heavily as part of this algorithm, but other ranking signals (like third-party reviews, social signals, backlinks, and on-site SEO) also play a role. The map pack typically yields a higher click-through rate (even compared to position #1 in organic search) due to its prominence and perceived value. It’s worth noting that businesses that don’t have a website can still rank within the map pack – but in order to show up in both organic local search and the map pack, your clients will need a comprehensive local SEO strategy that targets the ranking signals we know Google cares about. Have questions or need additional support with SEO API implementation? Contact our team directly.

Any kind of in-house SEO fulfillment can be both tricky and time-consuming. Because the world of search is always evolving, marketing experts have to stay on top of trends and invest in constant education. When you’re busy running an agency or marketing department, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to bring on new clients, retain existing accounts, manage your staff, develop new products, and actually fulfill your client deliverables.

Opting for white label local SEO services can relieve the burden of fulfillment without sacrificing on quality or service. You’ll instantly obtain more flexibility and scalability while reducing overhead costs and wasted time. We’ll help you streamline your operations, save money, and create an additional income stream. Best of all, your clients won’t ever know we exist – so you get all the glory.

Up until now, our white label SEO services consisted of our Grow, Leap, and Soar white label SEO plans and our local listings plans.

With our mainstay white label SEO services, most of our partners opt for keyword optimizations with geographic components; since many end-clients are small business owners all across the country, our account managers will usually recommend focusing on location-based keywords (with broad keywords to provide additional context). These local SEO packages include onsite technical optimizations (like landing page and FAQ creation), onsite blog posts, backlinks, reporting software access, and more.

Previously, our enhanced local listings plan supplemented those foundational local SEO efforts with online business directory listings, link-building, and analysis. Today, we’ve added a more robust alternative: Our Map Pack plan. In addition to publishing accurate listings in 50+ business directories via Uberall, this plan also includes Google Business Profile optimization and management, review management, social sharing, and GBP link-building. Additionally, this plan features access to our innovative geogrid technology, which provides granular local keyword ranking data on-demand. This technology allows you to instantly see exactly how and where your clients are ranking on their target keywords based on precise location.

The Map Pack plan is designed to target the ranking signals Google values as part of its map pack algorithm. Coupled with our white label SEO plans, this new local SEO plan can help improve your clients’ visibility in local organic search while boosting opportunities to rank in the map pack.