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Can Facebook's Mobile Ad Network Trump Google?

  • Renee Reply

    At its F8 developer conference, Facebook launched its new mobile ad network -- Facebook Audience Network.

    In a video last week, Chad & Adam talked about the new Google AdWords features that will help leverage the mobile app market (, but Facebook might give them a run for their money.

    "Facebook’s moves today point to its ambition to become the glue that holds the mobile internet together the same way Google is the glue that holds the web together. Google achieved dominance on the pre-mobile internet world wide web with a similar strategy. Not only did it bring people to the websites via search, it also created a massive data-gathering machine that tracks people across the web and runs AdSense, the web’s biggest ad network."
    Facebook just made its boldest moves yet to become the Google of mobile apps

    05/01 at 03:47 PM (14083)
  • Brian Long Reply

    Can't say I'm surprised to see such aggressive moves by Facebook in the mobile market. Let's see if Zuckerberg's supporters match his enthusiasm.

    05/02 at 11:24 AM (14086)
  • Ashley B Reply

    Thanks Renee for sharing this information! ...I found many parts of this article interesting, such as " Facebook however has taken a leaf out of Google’s book and released an open-source platform for app-makers to link to each other within their apps, with early adopters including companies like Dropbox and Spotify."

    05/02 at 11:44 AM (14088)
  • Sam B Reply

    I was reading statistics earlier that said Google takes in about a third of all ad revenue on the Internet, while Facebook only earns about 5% of Internet ad revenue. Basically, it's going to take a lot of effort for Facebook to surpass Google in advertising.

    05/02 at 05:23 PM (14105)
  • Aaron F Reply

    I dont see facebook competing with google, but I can see them grabbing a portion of the pie from them

    05/02 at 05:37 PM (14106)
  • Nick P Reply

    This kind of competition is good. Though it will probably take FaceBook a long time to catch up to Google, its not impossible...

    05/05 at 09:56 AM (14112)