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Confirmed: Some phone recordings in SALES MODULE not playing

  • Adam Reply

    Hi all!

    We've had 3 reports of some phone recordings in the SALES module not playing correctly. Our internal QA department has confirmed the issue this morning and we are working on it.

    08/28 at 12:28 PM (19955)
  • Adam Reply

    Hi Team.

    First - Good news: No recordings are being lost here. I have tested several of the reporting "recording playback problems" and we have the recordings. The data in the database is safe, happy and ready for us. However, there is a front-end issue stopping *some* (estimating about 40%) of recordings from playing back appropriately...

    This is being treated as a HIGH URGENCY BUG. Stay tuned.

    08/28 at 12:49 PM (19956)
  • Adam Reply

    This bug is related to a change made by our phone company. They are now adding http$ in the recording URL. Not a big deal, but it created a bug on our playback screen. I have coded up a patch for the http$ bug and pushed it to production.


    Asked QA to verify in Production... Should be 100% resolved.

    08/28 at 01:00 PM (19957)
  • Megan Reply


    09/02 at 03:33 PM (20020)
  • Member 21089 Reply

    Ahhh, so much that at least momentarily is beyond our control, but ultimately, it all works. Good save.

    01/15 at 12:54 PM (21592)