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Feature Request: Printable Proposals and Research

  • Ryan Reply

    Is there anything in the works for resellers to be able to print out a proposal to show to clients?

    I think that it would be beneficial for potential clients to have research data or a proposal hard copy so they don't have to login to the reporting software every time they would like to look at it. Or if they would like to review the proposal, circle things they have questions about etc...

    10/02 at 04:53 PM (10651)
  • Return On Now Reply

    I second this recommendation. Also, how about the ability to accept a digital signature on the document and convert to active without having to port over?

    10/02 at 05:16 PM (10654)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    yes and yes

    10/02 at 05:51 PM (10657)
  • Adam Reply

    We don't currently have any plans for printable proposals. However, we HAVE discussed digital signatures. So, it's a bit of some YES and some NO.

    If we go to digital signatures, does that negate the need for a paper proposal?

    10/03 at 08:05 AM (10667)
  • Return On Now Reply

    In many cases yes. Some of my clients require I port over to a document for them to sign, so it's not a one-size-fits-all situation.

    10/03 at 10:56 AM (10693)
  • Jeff_Fisher Reply

    Personally I have not started using the Proposal tool simply because I cannot print it, or send it out as a PDF. My niche is very low tech and I really struggle with customers connecting with me in a simple screen sharing program. So, to only offer the ability to get the proposal to them electronically will keep me from using the proposal tool.

    It seems to me that this is a fairly reasonable request, and we are being forced to accept Hubshouts belief system and not dealing with the realities of small business who are not computer wizards.

    As the owner of a brick and mortar landscape company for 12 years, I can tell you back then if the only way I could review three SEO proposals from different potential providers was by laying two in front of me, and having to log in to see the third proposal, unless I had a phenomenal relationship with the sale person, I would just not bother.

    Another example, there is a competitor of HS that creates great reports about the industry, I like to print these reports out and read them. However, because they foolishly believe that everyone prefers to read them online, they use page after page of fill with a few words on the page in white text, and we are not talking diagrams, we are talking fill for colors sake. So, most of their reports get filed away and never read because i read reports in hard copy only. Yes, old school, but I also do not own a Kindle and have no desire for one, and I do not have an Ipad. Finally, my iphone averages 53 minutes per month. I refuse to be owned by any device, and today people answer their cell phone everywhere including meetings. I have on occasion left a lunch meeting because the person with me preferred to spend time answering the phone over building a relationship with me. For me it is simply a respect issue. If you want to share my valuable time then do so, or stay home and play with your gadgets.

    Please allow us to print proposals. Cheers, Jeff

    10/05 at 04:47 AM (10734)
  • Mick Reply

    Yes and yes also generate PDF's and ideally (this would solve lots of my issues as clients get confused by the login part of a 'proposal' they are used to getting and taking to finance and going through all the internal red tape orginisations have) create a link that can be sent to potential customers that does not require them to login to see the proposal AND have a printable version, I have abandoned the proposals as clients simply don't GET IT... Where is the proposal I was being asked!

    10/08 at 08:46 AM (10788)
  • Chad Reply

    Hi all. I wish this was an easy one but going from HTML docs to a nicely formatted PDF doc is not easy. I have this on the dev priority list but it requires some new PDF technology, design time, lots of development and QA. If we take short-cuts, everyone will right back here saying that they don't like they way it exports or the pagination is wrong etc...

    I don't have a final estimate, but let's just say this is one month of work. The question Adam and I keep asking ourselves is whether we could do something more novel and innovative with that month of time? We've thrown out the idea of online contract management, billing, embedded videos in the proposals and tracking analytics.

    The very direct feedback here is that printable proposals are a must have.

    Does anyone else see it differently? Would you rather be able to have someone sign a contract online, do private label billing, etc....?

    10/08 at 10:55 AM (10802)
  • Adam Reply

    Thanks Chad. I agree that we've heard this feedback a bunch. We are definitely listening.

    But I've also heard that people want:

    1) Notification when someone has looked at a proposal
    2) Online sign-off
    3) Ability to run their credit card right in the proposal

    All of these ideas are at-odds with the pdf route.. So I'm a bit torn myself....

    10/08 at 11:04 AM (10806)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    I have definitely had clients that have given up on me because they were very frustrated trying to log in to see the proposal. It would be nice to be able to print it out and bring it to a meeting.

    But if you want a tool that will do it all, go find a provider that just specializes in online proposal with all of that integration. Quit being cheap, and spend the $20 a month for a all in one proposal tool

    All you have to do is create a proposal for every service that hubshout offers, and copy and paste it in the new tool. Pretty easy here folks.

    10/08 at 02:20 PM (10813)