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Google Says Social Media Still Not Used for Ranking

  • Renee Reply

    The industry loves to speculate on how social media signals impact ranking, but Google's Gary Illyes confirmed via Twitter that Google doesn't currently use social media signals as a ranking factor.

    We know, of course, that there are lots of benefits of social media and that social can indirectly impact ranking -- it can bring in traffic, it provides a megaphone for your content, it allows you to broaden your reach, etc.

    SERoundtable -- Google Again Says: We Don't Use Social Media For Ranking

    06/07 at 03:04 PM (23230)
  • Amanda Reply

    So what he's saying is "we don't use it, but we don't stop it from happening, either."

    06/09 at 02:09 PM (23232)
  • Bill F Reply

    And then there's always the possibility that your social media presence will outrank your own website...

    06/13 at 12:50 PM (23239)