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HubShout Feature Request

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    Hello fellow resellers!

    I wanted to post a feature request. I thought it would make the most sense to post this is Problem/Solution format, so here goes:

    Problem: Client is marking Leads as Inactive even though the leads are good. They are marking these leads Inactive just to remove from their screen so they can focus on leads that haven’t been handled. The problem with this is that marking the Lead as Inactive removes them completely from the Dashboard which then skews the lead data – making it appear as though we are not capturing many leads.

    Solution: Add a filter to Leads tab much in the same way this has been done for the Phone Calls tab. When client marks as Inactive this will no longer remove lead completely but simply filter it out of their view. Then for monthly review with client we can simply remove that filter so that all lead data is correct.

    I wanted to know if any other resellers are experiencing this and would like to modify the sales leads tab.

    Please comment on this thread if you do, thanks!

    06/05 at 03:58 PM (18865)