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Instagram Feed Change!

  • Megan Reply

    Just a friendly reminder to turn on notifications for accounts you follow if you actually want to see all of their photos show up in your feed!
    This is especially important to artists and small businesses!

    03/28 at 09:41 AM (22537)
  • Katy S Reply

    This change is so lame. If someone follows someone else on IG, that basically says that they're interested in what that person has to post. Now, in order to see what you want you're going to have to weed through an inbox of notifications.

    03/28 at 03:21 PM (22554)
    • Josh B. Reply

      Good point. That definitely seems counter-intuitive.

      03/29 at 01:42 PM (22568)
  • Andrea Reply

    Yea I don't really understand this. If I didn't want to see what they were posting I wouldn't follow them.

    03/28 at 05:00 PM (22561)
  • Loren Reply

    This really annoys me as well, not to mention all of the accounts that have been posting photos telling people to turn their notifications on.. However that doesn't keep them in your feed, but instead you get a notification on your phone whenever they post. I'm not going to do that for the hundreds of accounts I follow

    03/28 at 05:06 PM (22564)
  • Amanda Reply

    It's because Facebook owns Instagram and they have that whole "top stories" feed on Facebook. I know that mine keeps reverting back to that instead of staying on "most recent" which is what I actually want to see. It's so frustrating that they do this.

    I really don't want 10000 notifications on instagram just so that I can see the posts of people I ALREADY follow. That's so dumb. And makes me want to use instagram even less/not at all. Which is unfortunate, because it was a great app.

    I mean, if want to see something specific and don't want to scroll through my chronological feed, then I just search for it. I don't get why this is difficult and why this has to be changed.

    I would really like it if social media networks and apps would stop deciding what it thinks I want to see and just let me look at things as they come in.

    03/29 at 09:06 AM (22565)
    • Katy S Reply

      We're not the only ones that are anti-notification it seems, and according to this it could do more harm than good for businesses that are asking people to turn them on. Getting a million notifications will just annoy your followers in the long run who will eventually turn them off or even unfollow you.

      03/30 at 10:27 AM (22582)
  • Bill F Reply

    I feel like no one, or almost no one, actually wants facebook's idea of "Top Stories".

    This is enough to convince me to not get started with instagram, which I would have signed up for. As a bad photographer, how is one supposed to even get noticed anymore?!

    03/30 at 10:20 AM (22581)