There have been many, many changes at Semify over the last 6 months. For starters, there is new leadership, I took over as CEO on November 1, 2018 as Chad has stepped-back to pursue other ventures - while still supporting us in the transition.

Our top priority remains our team and our culture. Toward that end, we hit a record-high score on our culture survey recently, which we are extremely proud of.

The FunShout committee works hard to make sure there are always activities and socials in and out of the office. Of course, there are ping-pong tables and we go bowling. And if you're tired, take a nap - nobody cares.

More importantly, our Leadership Team discusses culture every day. Most of us have read, and deeply follow, Tribal Leadership. We view the use of language, in every moment, to be critical to crafting the kind of culture where people can truly be themselves and thrive.

We use the Tribal Leadership culture assessment to formally measure our progress. As the graph above shows, we recently passed into Stage 4 territory (4.1 last quarter), which puts us in the upper 20% of all organizations measured in a 10 year study by USC.

Our multi-year push on customer service continues to show strong results. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) graph below shows scores above 60. We understand 70 to be "world class" NPS territory, and we're determined to get there. We've written extensively about the techniques we use to get great customer satisfaction scores. Deep listening. Being present with our customers. Responding to needs in authentic ways. We believe our culture work also contributes to why we are able to really deliver at this level of customer service. Our team is really amazing.

Our current focus is on innovation. A multi-year focus on Lean Startup has been both invigorating and frustrating. There have been many great experiments, and we've bombed a ton too. "eat failure for breakfast" has become a maxim. We remain determined.

The one area we are now considering is our core brand and company name. It's been 11 years, does our name still represent who we are?

Andrea said something interesting at our leadership dinner on Wednesday night. She said "the people make the company, not the name." Food for thought indeed.

After spending a hard 6 months thinking about our future, where we want the next 10 years to lead us and our reseller community, it has come to our attention that our company name and brand may be out-of-date.

Our WHY is to "help companies achieve their dreams." How is that represented in our name? Our name is very "WHAT" focused. As followers of Simon Sinek, this is giving us pause.

As a result, we intend to discuss this - with transparency and openness (of course).

As always, we would welcome your feedback and input.