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New Feature Request

  • Matt Reply

    Request: Higher resolution for logo on Monthly reports.

    The resolution of the logo is limited by the effective resolution at which the report PDFs are generated. A higher rez logo file would not help. There is no way to change the PDF resolution on a single reseller basis.

    Solution: Increase resolution level of report

    10/04 at 02:14 PM (10729)
  • Jesse Reply

    Makes sense to me.

    10/04 at 04:38 PM (10732)
  • Aqeel Reply

    In case you're not already aware, we're having a webinar on Thursday (Oct 24) at 3pm EDT to address this concern!

    Register for the webinar, and take the pre-webinar survey to let us know which feature requests are most important to you.

    10/22 at 02:53 PM (11090)