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Request for Tracking number Image Swap

  • Chris Reply

    It is a good idea, in theory. I am sure there are a lot of resellers and clients that would see this as a blessing. But be careful what you wish for.

    Most of the time when we encounter phone numbers as images it is a symptom of a bigger problem with the website and/or the the site's owner-developer relationship. In many cases the site was built with an online site builder or the developer could not accomplish the desired look without "cheating" with an image instead of text and CSS. It is also common that the original developer of the site is no longer involved or available. In those cases it may seem easier to swap an image, but consider these facts:

    1 - Swapping a phone number image requires design time to match exactly the original images. This could be a significant investment. This changes the task from a simple tracking number install to a design and development project.

    2 - Swapping an image still does not make the number "readable" by search engines.

    3 - Phone numbers as image are usually not just the phone number. They can be part of a larger image like an entire header. The original source graphics may no longer be available.

    4 - Text as an image breaks mobile and responsive layouts.

    In facilitating an image swap function we are enabling a website problem to continue. If a client calls in and says that they want a guaranteed first search position and instant traffic increases, we guide them with our expertise. We inform them of the best practices and realities of search engine marketing. We need to do the same with web development. We need to inform them that this isn't the way to go and guide them into making the right choices for their client's websites.

    04/29 at 09:20 AM (6694)