Updated October 2020

When your business finds its footing in the ever-changing digital landscape, it makes sense to think about scaling effectively. Scalability refers to a business's ability to adapt, grow, and upgrade. Unfortunately, not all businesses or startups will be able to scale without the help of a great business plan and marketing strategy.

Simply deciding to grow your business doesn't happen overnight. Between hiring new employees, budgeting for investments, and allocating funds to company growth, this scaling your SEO business can take longer than you think. After all, this process demands ample planning, close resource management, and dedication to growth in the face of adversity. If you're willing to make the investment necessary to scale your business, read on to learn how hiring a white label agency can help.

Business Scaling Basics

The first step to scaling your SEO business is making a commitment to growth. This means establishing a plan you can stick to that doesn't put your business in a financial hole. It's likely that you'll have to spend a little money to make a little money, but you should never get into debt that you think your business can't get out of. In fact, 74% of businesses that fail at scaling did so because they began the scaling process prematurely.

A growth mindset is just the first step in beginning your journey to scale your business. Once your company and affiliates are on the same page, it's time to start delegating tasks and hiring employees with the same vision that inspired you to scale in the first place. Here are some of the first questions you should ask when you decide to scale your business:

  • What does the perfect employee look like for my company?
  • What skills do I need to expand upon to make scalability achievable?
  • What skills can my team learn to reach our goals?
  • What processes can be automated?
  • Who can I ask for help?
  • What processes can be outsourced by experts?

Only after you have asked these questions will you be ready to take on the trials and tribulations that come with scaling.

While collaborating with members of your team is pivotal in easing the burden of stress, your company can only learn so much before external help is needed. That's why it's essential to get all the help you can when you start this endeavor. This includes seeking financial counsel, relying on outsourcing vital but time-consuming tasks, and testing your scaling potential by performing smaller budgets before you make the final leap into expanding your business.

For example, you might want to consult with a marketing specialist who can perform a data analysis of your largest core users. This can help you identify what's working and what's not working in your company. When you establish the most viable routes for financial growth, you can start investing in the paths that enable you to scale.

This is why it's not uncommon for businesses, large and small, to invest in digital marketing services. Let's talk about why a white label service provider is a great decision when you want to scale your business.

Why Invest in a White Label Company When Scaling My Business?

Scaling your SEO business takes a lot of resources, many of which you might not have on hand. While your hands are tied up with the big business essentials, you can't let other aspects of your scaling efforts be handled by others. One of the best ways to keep aspects of your business from falling through the cracks is by outsourcing your non-essential business operations.

Just like your coffee shop doesn't need an in-house banker, your company doesn't need a full-time marketer to perform the necessary functions of your business. However, the benefits of marketing cannot be ignored, especially when you want to reach a wider audience and convert leads into sales. Hiring an in-house digital marketer can be problematic for a business that wants to scale. After all, employing a new branch of your company may not be in the cards. Between social media management, pay per click advertising, keyword research, and search engine optimization, you might not have the funds to train a new staff member about all these facets of marketing. This is why outsourcing a white label digital marketing and SEO company is vital to your company's success.

A white label SEO company is inherently designed to benefit your business at the least amount of work for you. It might be difficult to swallow your pride and let another company handle such important aspects of your business, but these companies are experts in their field. This will give you the necessary time and resources that you need to focus on other facets of your business. Because you're not hiring these companies in-house, you don't have to worry about insurance, benefits, and other HR details associated with hiring a full-time employee.

White label SEO companies have a fast turnaround time and a commitment to delivering the highest quality work. A dedicated SEO company will take time to build a relationship with your business. This vital characteristic enables a white label company to meet your expectations and offer valuable products that align with your company's goals and vision. When you're working to scale your business, customer service and expertise in the craft cannot be overstated. You also only pay for what your company needs. This enables you to allocate resources where you need them most. It's no wonder nearly 14% of small businesses will outsource their marketing and advertising to white label specialists.

What Can a White Label SEO Company Do For My Business?

As your business grows, you need an audience to take notice. Without leads turning into sales, all of your scaling efforts will be pointless.

As you begin to scale your business on the inside, white label SEO services can help scale your business on the outside. After all, SEO services are designed to engage targeted audiences, increase your website's visibility, and optimize your online business as a whole.

Here are some of the essential services a quality SEO company can provide for you:

  • SEO at scale: No two SEO strategies look alike between businesses, but your SEO strategy will transform when your business begins to scale. As your business starts to grow and develop, your SEO strategy needs to grow along with it. When you build a relationship with a white label SEO service, you're ensuring that experts in the field can accommodate your needs at every stage. Fortunately, they have the experience and track record to get it done right.
  • Keyword research and management at scale: Whether big or small, keyword management takes skill and resources to get right. When you're scaling your SEO business, you need to rely on a company that can handle current and future work that crops up within your company.
  • Building quality backlinks through numerous reliable sources: Backlinking is a lengthy process that requires negotiation, unique content creation, and patience. When done right, this SEO strategy can boost your website's reliability in the eyes of Google and other search engines. This will make your company easier to find online by other businesses and potential consumers. Partnering with other websites with high domain ratings is just one way that a white label service can help your company scale successfully.
  • Lightning fast proposals with competitive analysis: Your SEO services have got to start somewhere. Before your white label SEO services can delve into improving your organic online presence, proposal creation and analysis will help offer the best service plan for your website. After all, if your social media page is doing well, you don't need a white label agency's help to manage it. Rather, your resources will be used to improve your site, target specific audiences, and make you a viable competitor against other companies in your industry. Look for SEO companies with a built-in proposal tool to streamline the process.
  • Workflow management: One of the hardest parts of relying on a white label company is communication difficulties. With a digital marketing workflow management system, you can stay in contact with your white label service provider when you need it most. A quality workflow management system will be easy to navigate, highlight the most pertinent aspects of your data analysis, and enable you to contact your representative when it's most convenient for you.

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Rome wasn't built in a day and it certainly wasn't built by one pair of hands. You could have the most adept team in the world and you might still have to rely on the help of another company in certain areas.

Amidst financial planning and employee growth, you need to ensure you're not neglecting one of the most important parts of your business: your customers. When scaling your SEO business, attracting new customers cannot be overlooked. That's why you should never let your digital marketing efforts float to the fringe of your scaling strategy.

White label SEO services are designed to make scaling your SEO business a seamless process. Whether you're looking to interact with the customers you already have or showcase your benefits to new customers in an organic way, you can trust Semify to streamline your business's scalability.

There’s no doubt that partnering with a white label company can play an integral role in scaling your SEO agency. After all, having help with product fulfillment will provide you with more time to devote to sales and maintaining customer relationships -- and that can already represent a huge shift in your business model. Outsourcing SEO to a white label team can give you the freedom to do more, have more, and be more. That “growing together” concept is what we’re all about at Semify.

But the reality is that scaling your SEO agency will likely require more than finding a digital marketing partner. You’ll also need to do some internal work on your brand marketing, your lead generation, and your company culture to facilitate real growth. Below, you’ll find some of our recommendations for scaling your SEO agency from the inside out.

Develop Your “Hedgehog Strategy”

We pride ourselves on being a learning organization, so we make it a point to refer back to some of our favorite books. Jim Collins’s book, Good to Great, is a must-read for any organization that’s looking to make the transition from moderate to incredible success.

One of the ideas outlined in Good to Great is what’s known as “The Hedgehog Concept.” This actually comes from a famous essay written by Isaiah Berlin, called “The Hedgehog and the Fox.” As the Greek parable says, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” The idea is that good-to-great companies are built by hedgehogs; rather than being scattered and inconsistent like foxes, these hedgehogs take what they know and use that knowledge to drive towards greatness.

Rather than setting out to be the best for the sake of it, truly great companies have an understanding of what they can be best at. Organizations glean this understanding from asking and answering three questions:

  1. What are you deeply passionate about?
  2. What drives your economic engine?
  3. What can you be the best in the world at?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll have far more clarity about your unique path to growth.

Focus on a Specific Customer Niche

Knowing what you’re passionate about and what you’re best at can help you with scaling your SEO agency. But you’ll also need to figure out who your ideal customer is. While there are many factors that go into creating target customers and buyer personas, it may be helpful to zero in on a specific niche or industry.

Many of our white label resellers will purposefully target clients within the same sector. For example, having a client base focused mostly on attorneys or dentists can help you streamline your lead generation processes and build customer trust. However, those niches can be quite competitive, which means larger budgets are required. We sometimes suggest to our partners that psychiatrists or electricians can offer a steady stream of digital marketing business while keeping prices affordable for everyone involved.

We create SEO content for all kinds of businesses, but it may be of benefit when scaling your business to center your services around just a few kinds of clients. While you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket (as many of us learned during the pandemic!), you may find that narrowing your focus a bit can allow you to do your job more effectively and grow your business at the same time.

Build Your Company Culture

Scaling your SEO agency starts with building a strong culture. Without it, you’ll have a hard time getting your employees to care. A poor company culture can lead to things like high rates of turnover, lost productivity, and low engagement -- all of which can hinder your ability to grow.

If you’re interested in becoming a truly great company, you need to devote time and effort into creating a world-class culture. With so many employment opportunities for workers today, you need to give them a good reason to stick around -- and while fair pay and benefits can do some of the work for you, an incredible culture can be what convinces employees to stay for many years, even when they might otherwise be tempted to explore other options.

Culture is about so much more than pizza parties and in-office happy hours. Perks are no substitute for core values or taking the time to provide professional guidance. You’ll want to take a close look at your hiring and onboarding practices to ensure your values are woven in and measure how your culture is putting those values into action every day. Moreover, you’ll want to care personally (a term that comes from Kim Scott’s Radical Candor) for your team and encourage them to bring their whole selves to work.

Deciding exactly what your company culture will look like will be up to your organization. We’ve made cultural development a main focus over the past few years -- and we’ve really seen it pay off. But keep in mind that it isn’t about the extras; it’s about the shared values that guide your firm’s behavior and that provides true fulfillment for employees.

Create a Decision-Making Process

Some businesses make the mistake of following a top-down approach to decision-making. While this could be appropriate in certain situations, it’s not always the best way to go -- especially if you want your employees to be invested in scaling your SEO agency to new heights. When your default is “whatever I say goes,” you’ll essentially set yourself up for tunnel vision and place limitations on what you’re personally able to focus on. After all, if you’re bogged down with making all the decisions -- even ones that don’t directly affect you -- you’re going to have a tough time devoting more of your efforts to lead generation or sales. That can really throw a wrench in the plans you had to start scaling your SEO agency.

It’s often better to create a formal decision-making process that puts the power in the hands of those who are closest to the information. Not only will this establish specific policies that you can later point to for data, but it will also empower your employees and make them feel personally connected to how your company grows.

At Semify, we “grow” what are called decision trees. Someone discovers a decision that needs to be made and selected people on the team (whether it’s the whole company or a small group) are consulted. The decider then weighs all of those consultations and considers relevant background information to make a decision. That decision is ratified or vetoed by an individual appointed from the start and is put into action or is amended appropriately. While someone in a management position may ratify or veto the decision, the heads of the company aren’t involved in every decision; sometimes, they don’t even hear about it until the rest of the company does!

That may sound scary to some, but we’ve found that those who are going to be most impacted by the decision and who are closest to the information are really in the best possible position to weigh in. That means our decisions are based on real data and are made with our values and the needs of the team in mind.

Your agency doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same kind of decision process that we do. But it’s important that you establish one and that you follow it, rather than picking and choosing how decisions will be made. This framework can ensure you’re using your core values to guide your actions and improve employee engagement in the real issues that come up on a daily basis at work. When you’re in the process of scaling your SEO agency, those points can play a major role.

Of course, there’s a lot more to scaling your SEO agency than the points we’ve listed here. You’ll likely need to develop an efficient means of lead generation, work on your customer service, read a lot of books, and improve your own brand marketing strategy. But in addition to finding and retaining your customers, you need to figure out a way to keep your employees around and remove certain responsibilities from your own list so that you can focus on what really matters. We hope that our post today can point you in the right direction for creating long-term and meaningful growth.

Scaling your SEO agency is tough to do on your own -- and that’s where we come in. At Semify, we believe that growing together gives us the freedom to do more. When you work with us, we’ll become part of your team and provide you with the support you need to achieve your ultimate goals. To learn more about our white label reseller program or how our services can help you scale your agency, please get in touch with us today.