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Scholarship Winner Message to HubShout

  • Adam Reply

    A few excerpts from Giovanni’s charming thank you note:

    I want to thank HubShout for choosing me as one of the recipients of the 2012 Scholarship.... It is an honor to be a recipient of such a generous award. I look forward to further pursuing my education in online marketing and social media. I have been able to realize results from the online marketing campaign for my family business, tripling traffic to our website and increasing our Facebook likes five fold...this positive experience has solidified my interest in online marketing. Thank you again for your investment in my education. I greatly appreciate the assistance...

    Sincerely, Giovanni Holmquist

    02/21 at 01:30 PM (5480)
  • Adam Reply

    Great job HubShout Customers and Team! It is your hard work that allows us to run programs like the HubShout Scholarship Award and help people like Giovanni pay for education!

    02/21 at 01:35 PM (5481)
  • Adam Reply

    P.S. I also got a call from the Syracuse University Department of Financial Aid thanking HubShout for helping their students!

    02/21 at 01:37 PM (5482)
  • Brian Long Reply

    Good stuff. It's nice to know Giovanni is so appreciative, grateful, and eloquent in response.

    02/21 at 01:44 PM (5483)
  • Nick Reply

    Aww, that's great!

    02/21 at 02:03 PM (5485)
  • Terrance Reply

    That's Great Adam!! I really love that we are doing this for them.

    02/21 at 02:19 PM (5486)
  • Jason G. Reply

    This is really awesome.

    02/21 at 02:19 PM (5487)
  • Jenna Reply

    :) This makes me smile. You don't need to be a big business to take a stand in the name of corporate social responsibility. Proud to work at HubShout.

    02/21 at 02:29 PM (5488)
  • Paul Reply

    This is awesome!

    02/21 at 02:48 PM (5491)
  • Renee Reply

    I am a big fan of thank you notes and have been teaching my kids the importance of a good old school thank you note. In a world of tweets and blurbs and LOL/OMGs, Giovanni gets mad props from me.

    02/21 at 02:49 PM (5492)