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Stuff to show a client at an apointment

  • Matt Reply

    This came from one of our new Hubshout resellers

    I have an appointment with a new restaurant in a trendy area in a few hours- any recommendation – something to show or give for owner to look over (since I am not well-versed on the HubShout platform as of yet)

    05/01 at 10:58 AM
  • Matt Reply

    We have one pagers and proposal templates. Our demo account is also strong

    05/01 at 10:58 AM
  • Matt Reply

    editable pricing sheets are very helpful, I would also use the research tab to generate reports. That will allow you to create a head to head comparison between your client and up to three competitors.

    05/01 at 01:12 PM
  • Matt Reply

    I would also do an onsite audit of the clients site. Use our onsite checklist located on page 10 of Hubshout's pricing sheet. Check title tags,H1 tags,alt tags, and so on. I would also check conversion factors on the site as well. Phone number above the fold,contact form/button needs to be present,social icons, and so on.

    05/01 at 01:15 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Good one Matt... Hummm, restaurants... That strikes me as a slightly different category in the LOCAL MARKETING arena. Google Places, Google Plus, Yelp for sure. I'm trying to think of where else I look for restaurants... This might be one where you need to mix HubShout services with a few extra / consulting ad-ons of your own that are very specific to your area.

    05/01 at 02:05 PM
  • James Reply

    Social Marketing for restaurants is HUGE! I am referring to mostly trendy restaurants and especially bars.

    Think: Check in discounts, like discounts, following discounts...anything to gather more people to get your updates, THEN post specials for the next night or that night, sports games or fights that you are showing at the bar...Budweiser girls are here tonight!

    You can go wild with local, we have a bar in our town of 65,000 people who has over 1500 fans on facebook (which I am one) and they post every few days, specials and the fights are free here tonight. If it is a trendy restaurant new dishes, or the once in a while dish...seasonal dishes. Of-course drink specials....

    I could go on and on here...anything to get there fans to say at 2-3 pm that, "hey that really sounds good tonight..." Just my .02 worth

    05/03 at 09:35 PM
  • Adam Reply

    James - That's just what I was thinking... The restaurant category - more than many others - can really hit if out of the park with Social Media given the "trendiness" factor involved in this business. Great input...

    I particularly like the "check-in discount" and "like discount" ideas.... NICE!!!

    05/04 at 08:42 AM
  • Renee Reply

    My favorite social media campaigns are those of local businesses. There is a coffee shop and a hardware store in my city that have built tremendous brand loyalty and buzz in large part due to their active social media efforts. Local businesses, particularly restaurants, can build tremendous loyalty and new business via social media. Social media is all about community, so there's something very appealing about being linked in with the local places you shop and eat. And for those businesses who have the time and resources to be active on social media, they benefit from from the authentic and useful interactions that cater to their current customers and potential. "Stop in today; we're brewing up our latest roast and you'll get a free cookie." Hell, yeah! Free cookie! I'm swinging by on my way to work (when I otherwise would not have.)

    05/04 at 12:37 PM
  • Chad Reply

    Renee, how can you make the same thing happen for a carpet cleaner or accountant? Is it possible?

    05/06 at 09:31 AM
  • Mike Reply

    [quote]Chad said: Renee, how can you make the same thing happen for a carpet cleaner or accountant? Is it possible?


    Yeah...Does any one have any thoughts on how to take the social interaction and viral communication concept and applying it to single-use clients (like debt relief companies) or clients who don't have interactive business models by nature (like accountants or carpet cleaners)?

    05/07 at 04:39 AM