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Twitter May Be Upping Character Limit From 140 to 10,000

  • Katy S Reply

    "According to a report in Recode, multiple sources who know of Twitter’s plans have provided information saying that longer tweets are coming to Twitter by the end of Q1 2016.

    Get ready to see tweets as long as 10,000 characters, sources say, as Twitter is planning to adopt the same character limit currently in place for direct messages."

    Wasn't the point of Twitter to be a microblogging site? If they do this, it seems like they're just going to be a lesser version of Facebook.

    01/06 at 05:23 PM (21461)
  • Reply

    10,000! oh that is just way too much twitter.

    01/06 at 05:26 PM (21462)
  • Member 20279 Reply

    Defeats the purpose of twitter! If I want to see long, drawn out rants, I'll go on facebook.

    01/06 at 05:36 PM (21464)
    • Josh B. Reply

      That's exactly what I was just thinking. The 140 character limit makes it easy to quickly read the tweets, without having to read a novel of thoughts.

      01/07 at 09:32 AM (21470)
    • Member 21001 Reply

      I completely agree that this was a poor decision. I already don't enjoy the amount of insanely long rants I get from Facebook, so Twitter allowing this to happen really disappoints me. Can we boycott this?

      01/07 at 12:43 PM (21476)
    • Seth Reply

      This really is awful. I like twitter because you can easily scroll past the annoying stuff. This will essentially make twitter feel as bad as facebook.

      01/07 at 03:18 PM (21478)
  • Megan Reply

    Poor decision.

    01/07 at 08:58 AM (21469)
  • Mari Reply

    I feel like this will only work if they limit it to a certain # per week or something. It is sometimes annoying to see someone's semi-longer thought broken into

    Here's my thoughts on (cont)
    It's like when you (cont)
    And then you also (part 3)

    But still things are less readable when they're super long...

    01/07 at 12:08 PM (21473)