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We are all about the WOW factor. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our partners, colleagues, and community. Our mission calls us to foster these partnerships by delivering on our commitments.

We strive to innovate by understanding cause and effect through rigorous experimentation. When you're a customer here, your voice matters. We implement changes based on your feedback.

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Reseller reviews and testimonials are heart-warming. But we like data. The Lean Startup Methodology insists that assumptions be backed-up by real numbers. Furthermore, one-time surveys are fairly useless. According to Eric Ries, you need use Innovation Accounting (which we do here at Semify) to show improvement over time. Specifically, cohort analysis is required as you experiment with different approaches to establish cause-and-effect relationships about your business.

We have been immersed in Lean Thinking and Cohorts for almost a year now. As we've applied them to everything we do, it has had some amazing results. We think these are the numbers you should want to see before selecting a while label SEO reselling partner. And we are happy to share our data with you with full transparency in the categories below.


Account Manager Responsiveness

Being responsive to your customers is a critical part of any service business. In the first quarter of 2017, our team designed an experiment to see if they could improve customer satisfaction with responsiveness by providing highly-structured, timely and proactive communication within customer service tickets. The results of the experiment were strong, with very positive reseller reviews. They improved the initial customer satisfaction score by 15% (3.9 to a 4.5). We have been measuring this ever since (see the data below). After the initial excitement, the scores did decline from 4.5 to 4.4, and then 4.3. But they seem to have found a resting place at 4.3 / 5 - which we feel is very responsive to our resellers.


Dashboard Satisfaction

As a white label SEO provider, our technology is the glue that helps over 250 agencies coordinate activities and meet deadlines. We have more recently started measuring customer satisfaction with our dashboard. As you can see from the scores below, this is an area that needs improvement. Our initial score of 3.8 sunk to 3.5 in July. While we have seen a bounce back to 3.9 in August 2017, we are also looking closely at the data. New members to the Semify reseller community give the lowest scores. The team has several experiments under way to address this.


Onboarding Satisfaction

Due to the complexity of search engine optimization, onboarding can be a challenge for new resellers. Using our Lean Startup innovation engine, our team found a way to reduce friction for new agencies joining the Semify family. Specifically, there are a series of structured calls and training sessions that introduce brand new agencies to our terminology, sales approach, SEO philosophy and technology. As we have worked on this, our scores have improved. We are particularly proud of the 4.7 we got in July 2017.


Onsite Content

Writing great content is key to SEO success. We've known this for years, which is why we have invested so heavily in our Premium Content Team in Rochester, NY. But there was room for improvement. Our team (again, using the Lean Startup Innovation Engine) decided to see if they could push their customer satisfaction and customer review scores higher by introducing a kick-off call where the end-client would join with the reselling agency and the writer to discuss the editorial calendar. These discussions proved very useful for all involved. The writers reported greater understanding of the end-client's business and the resellers reported higher customer satisfaction. This is now standard process, and you can see that our scores have climbed from 4.0 to 4.2 over the last 5 months.


Onsite SEO Projects

In the old days, you could do onsite SEO and then wait for rankings. This is not the case any longer. Keyword space is competitive and SEO is a household word now. However, this does not diminish the need for great onsite SEO. This is a more recent customer satisfaction survey for us, but it has shown some strong results right out of the gate with an average rating of 4.4/5.


PPC Projects

The last customer satisfaction survey to share is our "Satisfaction with PPC" survey. Similar to our Dashboard satisfaction scores, this is an area where we need work. As you can see, the scores have dipped below the 4.0 mark, something we don't like to see. The team has recognized this and we are working on several approaches to better serve our agency partners. Stay tuned.



We believe these Semify reseller reviews, quantitative customer service data and cultural indicators all demonstrate Semify is headed in the right direction. As always, we are open to feedback and know that this will be a continuous improvement process.


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