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We're a team of 30 enthusiastic and focused analysts, developers, designers, account managers, and writers who believe that Growing Together creates the freedom to do more, have more and be more.

Semify was founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Adam Stetzer, Ph.D. and Chad Hill. Chad and Adam developed innovative digtial marketing process to effectively and efficiently manage campaigns for their direct clients, joking that they had built a 747 to fly from Orlando to Tampa. Turns out, the powerful process, analysis, link building, connections to newspapers and workflow software was the perfect solution for agencies that want to provide real SEO and PPC to clients.


Now, Semify has hundreds of agency partners that white-label Semify's digital marketing services. We've been in this space for 10 years.

We've read a ton of books together. Bonded. Developed our values. Argued, debated and disagreed. Learned from mistakes and formed the bonds that develop from hard work, cooperation and a sincere desire to do our best.

Our greatest asset is our people, who we care for dearly. Based on this renewed focus on growing amazing professionals, we have received excellent press coverage and interest in our intense focus on culture and professional growth.


Some of the Books We've Been Most Influenced By


Read about the outrageous and radical Semify culture

After 10 years of growing our culture, producing leaders and growing amazing human-beings, we have realized that our real strength is our values and our people.

we am

The Semify Team

Adam Stetzer

CEO and Co-Founder

Chris Scott

VP and General Manager

Andrea Semrau

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jeff Shipman

Director: Marketing Innovation

Matt Beaulieu

VP - Business Development

Brad Lewis

Tech Team Manager

Andrew Lindsay

Account Manager 3

Allie Holz

Account Manager 2

Amanda Geraghty

Account Manager 3

Breylin Smith

Account Manager 2

Devin Stabley-Conde

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bill Finan

Digital Marketing Specialist 3

Catherine DeLaus

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

William O'Buckley

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Erin Hayes

Digital Marketing Specialist 2

Fraser Breon

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Julia Maiola

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Kaitlin Battaglia

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Melissa Brewer

Digital Marketing Specialist 4

Zara Zsembery

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Riley Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Samantha Zerbinos

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Sammi Cohen

Brand Content Specialist

Sanad Shuman

Account Manager

Sarah Fingar

Account Manager

Scott Allen

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Shelby Toth

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Taylor Benedict

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Tim Ladd

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

Bri Kifer

Digital Marketing Specialist 1

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  • Semify, LLC
  • 46 Sager Dr, Suite B
  • Rochester, NY 14607

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  • Phone: (888) 574-5730
  • Email: info@semify.com