REAL SEO - Research


Every campaign begins with research to identify the keywords that the audience uses when searching for your client's business.

We help you find the keywords that have the right mix of monthly search volume and rankability. Our team turns these keywords into themes that will guide us in updating your client's website and developing content designed to build a relationship with customers and prospects.

Semify Research

The Semify team helps with the initial research, using a combination of tools and services. We take steps to learn as much as we can so that content is truly customized for the campaign. Key features of our software that support research include:

Keyword Selection

Our keyword selection method identifies the keywords that will bring traffic to your clients' websites and are attainable within their monthly budgets.

Topic Keywords

Our software takes the target keywords and creates a list of topic keywords that we use to write meaningful articles.

Keyword Mapping

We map specific keywords to the relevant webpage. For instance, if your client sells shoes, we map the keyword "sandals" to the page that features "sandals."


We use the research findings to develop content and a content marketing plan designed to attract attention to your client's website.