SEO Superheroes

Guardians of Main Street

Not Just a Marketing Campaign. It's Who We Are.

The job of an SEO provider is a lot of things, but at its core, it's about problem solving. Semify Superheroes help digital marketing agencies solve the myriad of problems that, left unchecked, could easily derail a client's pursuit of top search rankings.

Since 2008, Semify has been in the business of helping agencies that serve Main Street America. Much like Superman, Semify Superheroes have strengths, special powers, alter egos and yes, Kryptonite too. But as a team, we are unstoppable.

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Meet some of the Semify Superheroes!


Our Fearless Leader in DC

Abilities and Powers: Keyword telepathy, SiteScan X-ray vision.

Kryptonite: Small children waking him at night, reclining airline seats.

The Flash Drive

Our Fearless Leader in Rochester

Abilities and Powers: Keen sense of enterprise technology, building scalable / repeatable IT processes.

Kryptonite: Magnets, power outages, DDOS attacks.

The Falconness

Battle-Ready Predator

Abilities and Powers: Excellent strategic planning, very fast on her feet, ruthless and dominant predator against enemies who seek to take out Main Street, incredibly acute eyesight with flash forward vision helping predict future industry trends.

Kryptonite: Extreme sensitivity to light, will collapse if injected with red dye, or from prolonged dust exposure.

Steel Shadow

Secret Weapon

Abilities and Powers: Working quietly behind the scenes providing research, disseminating information without a ruckus, building coalitions, replacing misinformation with facts (and doing it with a smile), Boomerang Tweets.

Kryptonite: Powers only work if teamed with other Marketing Team powers, Facebook updates that spread misinformation make her crumble into hopelessness, wedding cake.

The Marketing Marauder

Lightning Quick Link Builder

Abilities and Powers: Keen ability to detect and recruit prime prospects, strong link-building skills using his trusty link-building lightsaber.

Kryptonite: Loses strength when prospects go cold, link-building lightsaber requires an endless supply of fresh links.


Loyal Sidekick

Abilities and Powers: Precognition, shapeshifting, able to pivot from one task to another in a single bound, all around marketing pro.

Kryptonite: Technology that's not user friendly or intuitive, easily distracted by retargeting ads and link bait headlines.


The SEO Campaign Fixer

Abilities and Powers: Razor sharp focus that zeros in on stagnant SEO campaigns and quickly identifies trouble spots.

Kryptonite: Phone calls tend to break his uber concentration.

Max Bid

The LongTail Keyword Boy

Abilities and Powers: Uncanny aptitude for finding keywords that convert at superhuman level.

Kryptonite: Prolonged exposure to delicious baked goods.

Lady Jen

The Grammarian

Abilities and Powers: Writing powerful content for Main Street, laser-focus editor vision, extreme powers of organization, sending competitors across the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla.

Kryptonite: Easily tired out by run-on sentences, allergic to keyword-stuffed and spammy content, eye fatigue.


Creative Problem Solver

Abilities and Powers: Leaps into tasks at amazing speed, graffiti artist, travels by bicycle and knows how to slip out of trouble no matter what, can alter skin tone to blend in with surroundings, a man of faith

Kryptonite: Bored easily, can be very critical of his own work.

Java Script & Meta Data

Bad Link Conquerors

Abilities and Powers: Java Script detects bad/spammy links on a website; Meta Data chews right through them!

Kryptonite: Decaf can wreck Java Script's day. Meta Data cannot be anywhere near the one thing that distracts him from doing his job-cheese!


Semify Mascot

Abilities and Powers: Courage, ingenuity, determination and irresistible cuteness!

Kryptonite: Food scraps in the trash, sensitive to daylight.

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