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Local Listings Enhanced by Yext

Ask your clients: Are your local listings stale, outdated, in disarray...missing? We bet the answer is Yes! They'll need this.

Claim Listings

Google+ and Way Beyond

Of course we claim and optimize the most powerful listing of them all: Google+. Then, we add complete information about your company to over 50 directories, including Facebook, Yelp and Bing, plus the data services that feed Siri and other mapping software.

Local Search Results

You're There, No Question!

Get fast, guaranteed visibility on the most influential local listings sites. We build your listings and promptly sync them to a network of over 50 directories. See it all in your dashboard and make changes anytime.

Update and Promote

Show Them What You're Made Of

Every listing is ultra-fresh and charismatic with your latest photos, videos, special promotions and updated business information that's simultaneously pushed out to all of your directories.

Track Performance

Full Analytics of your Local Listings

Did your special promotion, new video or blog post drive more traffic? Now, you'll know! Track impressions and profile views in your dashboard and see the results of your updates and enhancements.

Customer Review Monitoring

Knowledge is Power

Fact: Positive customer reviews on local listings sites can be great for business. A bad review - that hurts. You need to know what people are saying about your business. We monitor your reviews and feed the information directly into your dashboard.

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