You already know that your clients need SEO services to see significant growth for their business. After all, it’s not enough to have a website; that website needs to be found and featured prominently in relevant searches in order for the client to succeed.

But with so many agencies promising impressive results, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You probably don’t feel like you can simply take an SEO provider at their word that they’ll deliver for your client. Understandably, you’ll want to see evidence of real results.

That’s especially true if your client is operating in a highly competitive industry. With roughly 1.35 million lawyers throughout the U.S., it’s essential that you’re able to differentiate your campaigns. Attorneys, in particular, need to maintain their reputation and professionalism in every aspect of their marketing while increasing their reach and relevance.

Although it won’t necessarily be easy to get your law client to rank on competitive terms, accomplishing all of those goals can be possible with the right SEO firm. If you regularly work with attorneys or you’re going to be bringing on campaigns for lawyers who want to improve their search engine optimization, it’s important to feel confident in the skills and knowledge your marketing agency possesses.

In our newest SEO case study example, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of our most successful campaigns for attorneys. We’ll share some key background information, our unique insights, and the results we’ve been able to achieve for these campaigns thus far. Having the data at your fingertips will allow you to make informed decisions for the betterment of both your business and your clients. Let’s dive into our latest search engine optimization case study on lawyers.

Client Background

We work with resellers of all sizes and from all walks of life. Some have a specific niche or industry that most of their clients fall into, while others bring on a variety of campaigns. Regardless of how many clients a reseller has, our main objective is to grow together.

In this case, we came in knowing that the reseller had previously had poor experiences with other SEO firms. We know how tempting it might be to consider only the bottom line when picking an agency. In the case of this reseller, that decision was what caused them to turn to us.

It’s important to note that the client in question, a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey, is working within an incredibly competitive area. The field of personal injury law is highly saturated; in fact, the term “personal injury lawyer” receives 18,100 monthly searches, on average. That’s not an easy number to take on -- which is why we strategize to ensure success for this campaign.

When the campaign began in December 2019, the client’s website was receiving approximately 432 organic visits per month, on average. The website’s original domain rating was a 7, which was on the lower side for how many backlinks the site initially had. Our website audit found that the client’s website had 3,280 backlinks from 47 referring domains. If these backlinks were of lower quality, this could explain why their prior link-building strategy didn’t seem to be paying off. That said, the client did have 548 ranked keywords with 36 of those terms appearing on page one of SERPs. However, we still felt we could facilitate even greater movement on the search terms that actually mattered most for the client’s ultimate strategy.

Our Approach

We knew that failing to target the right kinds of keywords could cause the client to spend money in ways that wouldn’t help their rankings. But this reseller felt confident that we would develop and deliver on a campaign that improved the client’s overall results. And while the reseller’s other campaigns are also within the legal realm, this campaign -- despite how new it is -- has shown immense growth in a short amount of time.

We believe that’s at least partially because the reseller was able to help the client understand the importance of investing in their own success. Because this client wanted to be seen as one of the top personal injury lawyers in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the campaign has a large number of location-based keywords being targeted. What we explained to the reseller -- which was then communicated to the client -- was that, in order for the campaign to gain momentum, a bigger SEO plan was necessary.

While our basic news plans are made to be accessible for clients with more limited marketing budgets, we advised that an SEO Soar plan would be far more beneficial for the campaign overall. It’s not about upselling the client. Actually, our approach is to make sure our resellers and their clients don’t waste money on plans that won’t meet their expectations. In this case, ranking on more competitive keywords required a bigger investment in SEO. We suggested a more focused plan that would lead to greater client satisfaction, rather than a broader plan that wouldn’t produce the results the client wanted to see.

But we realize it’s not all about the agency’s values; the data matters to any SEO case study, especially when it comes to specific deliverables. The SEO plan utilized here was our SEO Soar plan, which includes a large number of keywords, an in-depth analysis of the website, a number of monthly content deliverables, and more. The website analysis, which we refer to as our onsite report, involves a detailed audit of the client’s website and specific recommendations put forth by our analysts to improve conversion rates and overall ranking signals. These recommendations can include anything from updating meta descriptions and title tags to making the website mobile friendly and eliminating duplicate content. In our analysis of the client’s site, we found and fixed a number of 404 navigation errors. We also discovered other information that would inform our strategy moving forward.

Of course, choosing the keywords for this campaign played a key role in the launch. All 20 of the client’s keywords allotted for this campaign contain their target location of Cherry Hill, NJ. We make it a point to add other keywords to the campaign for context and to ensure our content reads as both educational and natural. This eliminates the possibility of keyword stuffing and other practices that could be detrimental to the campaign’s success. While we didn’t need to create additional web copy for this client’s website, we did target these keywords in onsite blog posts, onsite images, and off-site articles. We also publish recent and relevant news stories on reputable sites with high domain ratings as part of our backlinking strategy for clients on this type of SEO plan.

The Results

At this point in our local SEO case study, it’s time to share the campaign’s results (so far!). It’s essential to note that search engine optimization is meant to be a long-term strategy. As such, some campaigns don’t start to gain momentum until several months into the strategy. That hasn’t been the case with this particular campaign -- although there’s still a lot of growth to be enjoyed! Within less than four months, our efforts increased the client’s website traffic, domain rating, and search rankings tremendously.

As you can see from the charts above, the client’s organic traffic for the month of March is projected to reach 657 organic visits. That’s largely due to the work we’ve done to focus on their local SEO. Although a number of their geotargeted keywords were showing up on page one or two of SERPs before starting their campaign with us, the client now shows up in positions one and two on several of those keywords. At least seven of those keywords have also shown significant movement, with three different keywords making the leap from page two to page one of Google search results. Overall, nine of the client’s keywords now appear on the first page of SERPs.

We’ve had some major gains in domain rating and backlinking, as well. The client’s website DR is now ranked at an 11, which is quite respectable for a newer campaign. Interestingly, their backlink profile now has far fewer links overall -- declining from 3,280 to 442 over the last few months. So why is their DR higher than before? It’s likely that a substantial portion of those backlinks were from lower-quality sites that weren’t actually doing them any favors. Now, the backlink profile is more diverse (with 60 referring domains instead of 47) and the links are of higher quality. This just goes to show that more doesn’t always equal better -- especially when it comes to rankings and ratings.

As part of any SEO case study, it’s crucial for us to point out that this isn’t an isolated incident. We’ve produced compelling results for other clients in the legal vertical (which, as we know, is notoriously competitive). Take a look at some of the other attorney campaigns that have grown together with us:

Case Study 1: National Disability Law Firm

Client information: Mature SEO campaign that has been active for 8+ years

Impact: 41.17% increase in organic traffic from 1/18/18 to 3/15/19

Impact: Moved from 84th to 1st on "disability calculator" which has 1,900 searches per month.

Case Study 2: Intellectual Property Law Firm

Client information: New website for an intellectual property attorney.

Impact: Monthly traffic improved from 0 to 268 visits per month over a 6 month period.

Impact: New keyword rankings.

Case Study 3: Regional Law Firm

Client information: Regional targeting for the entire state of Illinois

Impact: 335% increase in organic traffic from 1/18 to 3/19

Case Study 4: Traffic Increase For Small Town Attorney

Client information: Attorney in a city with a population of 10,000.

Impact: 55% increase in organic traffic from 1/18 to 3/19

Given all of the insights from our legal SEO case study, it’s clear that our experience and skill will play a key role in helping your clients succeed. We offer a variety of deliverables, detailed keyword research, website audits, and technical knowledge required for any SEO campaign -- combined with a unique understanding of the legal sector that can really take things to the next level. We make it our mission to help resellers like you obtain the tools and expertise required to foster long-term growth.

Ready to learn more about our SEO Soar plans for your clients? Get in touch with our team to get started today.

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