AdWords: AdWords is a service provided by Google which allows internet markers to bid for positions in the sponsored search results that often appear at or near the top of a query page.

Marketers and internet specialists often see it as an alternative to SEO, which uses content marketing, keyword mapping and other methods to boost search rankings organically. AdWords allows marketers to gain targeted traffic almost instantly.

Though Google's structure and appearance is constantly shifting. Google AdWords usually places advertising copy at the top, bottom or side of a Google Search Results page. Placement of advertisements for any given search depends on how relevant the ad copy is to the original search query.

Text advertisements are usually short, featuring headlines of up to 25 characters, two text lines with 35 characters each and a display URL that also contains 35 characters. Image ads work a little differently.

Due to its popularity and usefulness to internet marketing, AdWords have become Google's primary source of revenue. In 2012, they made $42.5 billion in ad revenue from AdWords.

AdWords offers several forms of advertising, including site=targeted advertising, remarketing, pay per click, cost per click, and cost per thousand impressions, also known as cost per mille.

Ads purchased through AdWords can be distributed at local, national and international levels, depending on a company's location and budget.

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