Dedicated Server: A dedicated server is any server that is used to serve one website exclusively, or a small handful of sites owned by the same person. Dedicated servers are normally remote, and are purchased or rented for exclusive use. Essentially, they are the same thing as an in-house server, the only difference being the server's location.

Webmasters can purchase dedicated server hosting from a hosting, cloud or managed service provider (MSP). A dedicated server has several benefits over other types of remote server space, as dedicated servers boast top-of-the-line network security, higher speed and performance, stability and much more.

Many hosting providers will offer variations of popular operating systems like Linux at no extra charge when a dedicated server is purchased. Other options for server operating systems include Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise, along with a wide variety of open-source software options.

How much does dedicated server hosting cost? That answer varies widely, as the options for server bandwidth and space are virtually endless. Typically, $100 of dedicated server space will carry two TB (terabytes) of bandwidth. Providers generally charge a buyer based on one of the three methods of bandwidth measurement: the 95th percentile method, the unmetered method and the total transfer method.