Featured News/Pro Link Building Hacks Webinar

In this webinar, we covered Featured News and Pro Link Building Hacks that we've learned from many years of producing and promoting content.

Clients LOVE Featured News and so do we! Featured News, that often uses a technique known as newsjacking, connects your client's business to a story on an authoritative news site.

We’ve added four new publishing partners in the last 30 days and every day, we are having conversations with others who are very interested in having our Newsroom team write for them.

In this webinar:

we show you how to demo Featured News, how to use the product to close more deals, and how Featured news gets better results for your clients.

We also show you what we learned from many years and thousands of dollars spent on link building tactics for our own SEO program. We created every imaginable type of content and spent thousands of hours promoting and reaching out to people that we thought would link to it. In the webinar, we show you what we did, what worked, and what didn’t. And, we cover the latest research on link and social signal correlations.

Pro Link Building Hacks & Featured News slides from webinar