Relevancy: relevancy is a method of measuring how useful search engine users found the search engine results that were generated in response to their keywords. In a search where relevancy is high, a user is more likely to find information that pertains to what they were interested in researching. In a search with low relevancy, however, few or even none of the results generated by the algorithm will match the user's query.

The relevancy of an online search is due to a number of factors, but the most important determining factor may be the keywords a website uses as part of its content and copy. For this reason, it is extremely important for websites to produce content that pertains to its actual subject, and also research their keywords to ensure they are using terms that will attract searches relevant to their services. In the end, relevancy is not only beneficial to the user, but also to the businesses who want to be connected with interested consumers online. A history of low relevancy in its search results reduces the chance of a business receiving quality web traffic and converting browsers into paying customers.