A lot of resellers and business owners out there have been asking about joining a website builder reseller program. There are a lot of small web design shops that reach a point where they want to outsource work so that they can expand their business. What are the pros and cons of reselling websites from an agency like ours? Watch the video and have your website reseller questions answered!


Hi, welcome to our website builder reseller video. I'm Chad Hill and I have Adam Stetzer here with me today.

Good actually, Chad, there's a lot of people out there Googling website builder reseller, and I suspect they're looking for a program to join where they can resell product that's pretty much software based. So these are folks probably looking for residual income, maybe have an audience who is in the website development, website design space, and have realized that to monetize that audience by becoming a reseller. That is not exactly what Semify website program is about, because we're much more focused on building our custom websites. But I thought we'd talk today about the pros and cons of trying to sell software, build it yourself program, versus what we're building as a full service web server software program.

Great question. To me, the first thing I think, at the end of the day, the idea behind both of them is you end up with a very nice looking website. I think the path to get there, and the services you have to offer to get there are a little different. And a lot of times, when you're dealing with a small business owner or anyone who needs a website, they have specific requirements, but need someone to help them write the copy or to do a little bit of image editing to get images sized correctly.

And I think when you go from a pure software play that assumes that everything gets uploaded is accurate to something that's more of a semi-custom website development process like that we've built, you're able to better serve the needs of your target audience and still do it at a very affordable price.

So basically, what you're trying to get into here, Chad, what is a website builder software capable of doing in terms of automatically launching a website that's going to look really good. So that's my guess in these website builder reseller seeking folks who are out there. That's what they're thinking in their heads. There's software that I can just resell that would launch a good looking website. So you're challenging the notion that that exists or saying there's just limitations on what website builder software really can do.

Now, I think there's definitely great software out there, and we've seen a lot of them that really do streamline the process of getting a website out there. But there still is a big gap between a beautiful looking template and a website that represents your business. So when you look at a website builder reseller program, they're often selling a shiny tool that I've seen a lot of people using those products that when they actually plug all their information in, it doesn't come across the way that it should.

Because either they didn't know how to write the content correctly, which again, the HubShot website reseller program, we have content creation capabilities or that they uploaded pixelated or fuzzy images. And again, you have the option at least, with the HubShot website reseller program to have one of or graphic design artist modify your images, you're able to avoid some of those issues that often come up when you're dealing with a website builder program.

All right, so some of the limitations of software that builds websites are that there really is no human oversight to make sure some of these things don't wrong. That you don't end up making an ugly looking site. So I think that's when people who are in the market for software, they want to consider looking at a human based program. It can still be relatively inexpensive, because it's template based. It starts with a template and then customizes from there. But it's definitely going to be more expensive than some of those do it yourself software that you see out there for cheap prices.

Absolutely, and then I think the other point we want to mention in closing this up is that from an ongoing revenue standpoint, one of the things that's really nice about our website development program is that we have a team of people are there to help support the website. And so you can do as much of it yourself as you want, because we're using Word Press as our CMS, but we also have a team there, that as changes need to be made, you can very quickly get those changes in. And again, can build an ongoing revenue stream for your company.

You make an excellent point there because people searching for website builder reseller programs are probably thinking about just capturing that affiliate revenue from the first point of sale. But what you're saying is fascinating, which is websites need to be supported over time. And there's a whole lot more money to be made in the support side, which people probably overlook when thinking of that initial sale.

In fact, I know that people tend to spend over the two years after they launch the site, as much, if not more, than they spent on the initial build. So whether they're building it or from a website builder reseller standpoint, there's also a strong argument to be made for the human based reseller program, because you can keep that relationship moving and capture that residual revenue, but with updates to the website as they'll becoming pretty much forever.