Featured News typically begins with an onsite blog.

Every blog post we write is well researched and includes facts, statistics, data, an expert opinion, etc. Some clients choose to upgrade to a highly stylized buzzgraphic.

A blog post is accompanied by a custom Visual Asset—a custom featured image (not a stock photo)—that illustrates a fact in the blog. Online publishers prefer to reference factual, outstanding content that’s supported with an interesting visual.

When the opportunity arises, we write a blog post using the technique known as. "Newsjacking." The technique is to:

  • Keep an eye out for stories that are making headlines and have high audience value because many people are searching for them.
  • Write a blog that can add value to the conversation through aggregation, opinion, statistics or other means.
  • Publish the story ASAP, after the news breaks, so it's more likely to be found and linked to/cited by others.
Our publishing partners frequently link to clients' onsite blogs, but only when editorially appropriate.

For more information about Featured News, watch this webinar, starting at about the 11:30 mark.