Our customers have spoken and Semify has listened! We’re just about ready to launch our exciting new editorial calendar feature. Because it’s something our customers have been asking for, we’ve developed this tool to continue our ongoing commitment to transparency, innovation, and our mission of growing together.

Blog content is the most visible ongoing piece of your SEO campaigns. Our new editorial calendar will allow you and your clients to have a greater say over their blog posts every month, with the ability to add specific topics and instructions to help our team create outstanding content every single time. You'll also be able to preview topics for upcoming posts.

The Importance of Blogging For SEO

In 2021, virtually every business should be blogging for SEO purposes. Publishing fresh and valuable content to your blog on a regular basis comes with many benefits, including:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved lead generation
  • Consistent SEO growth
  • Additional support for link-building

Research shows that blogging for SEO works. According to SEMRush:

  • Approximately 34% of buyers will make an unplanned purchase after reading quality content.

  • Blog posts remain the most effective form of content, winning out over email, ebooks, and white papers.

  • Blogging is so scalable and affordable that it’s the third most common content marketing strategy for businesses.

  • On average, companies that blog produce 67% more leads per month.

  • Updating existing blog posts can increase traffic by 106%.

But even if you understand the value of blogging, you won’t reach your goals if your clients’ blog posts are published inconsistently. Staying on top of your content marketing strategy is key.

What’s the best way to do that? The answer is an editorial calendar.

What is an Editorial Calendar?

When it comes to content marketing, an editorial calendar is key to staying organized.

Originally used by newspaper and magazine publishers to plan future issues, the concept of an editorial calendar has been adopted by digital marketers as a tool to map out content across various channels.

For blogs, an editorial calendar serves as a way to layout topics for the month or year. This content blueprint can help you decide on keyword strategy, stay on top of publishing schedules, ensure accountability, and more effectively track performance.

By having an actionable plan in place, your client’s content will be intentional, consistent, and relevant. That said, you shouldn’t have to develop one all on your own.

Semify’s Editorial Calendar Offers Transparency and Control

It’s clear that an editorial calendar can make blogging for SEO a whole lot simpler. We developed our editorial calendar to give our resellers and their clients more control and transparency. Let’s walk through this exciting new feature.

The editorial calendar will give you and your clients greater visibility into monthly blog topics. For example, you’ll be able to submit topics if your client has an event coming up, a new product launch, or just something specific they’d like to showcase in a blog post.

You'll be able to access the editorial calendar right from your Semify white label dashboard. It will be found in the “Content” section of the SEO tab.

From there, you can add a title for the blog, choose a focus keyword, and select a research fact you’d like to use. You can also add additional instructions for the writer.

If your client doesn’t have any specific blog posts in mind, not to worry! Our digital marketing team can develop topics for you, which you'll also be able to preview from the editorial calendar screen. We feel this will lead to greater collaboration, communication, engagement, and customer satisfaction overall.

The editorial calendar will show you all the topics and titles for upcoming blog posts, allowing your clients to take a more active role in their content creation. You’ll have the ability to preview all blog topics ahead of time to ensure everything aligns with a client's strategy. You'll also be able to add or remove topics from the screen as needed.

Ultimately, we feel that this new feature will strengthen our valued partnerships and allow us to exceed client expectations when blogging for SEO.

Semify’s Editorial Calendar: Launching September 7, 2021

At Semify, we believe growing together creates the freedom to be more, do more, and have more. That means we’re continually looking for ways to improve our processes and make your life easier. We’re constantly innovating and updating our product offerings for a better experience and better results for our partners.

Our official launch date for our new editorial calendar feature is Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Your Account Manager will be happy to provide you with any support you may need as you navigate this white label dashboard addition.

Of course, the Semify team is here for you every step of the way. If you’d like to know about joining our white label reseller program so you can access features like these, get in touch with us today.