Of all the SEO reseller feature requests we get, the biggest has to be "make my clients rank faster!" And we are very careful not make too many promises in this regard because we know there are many illegitimate SEO reseller offers out there that claim amazing results in unrealistic time frames. As you know from reading our blog, that's not our game. We are much happier to have our SEO reseller keep fewer clients for longer periods of time than sign-up huge numbers and have a constant churn of unsatisfied customers. When you sit back and think about the true cost of customer acquisition, we think you will agree. Besides, you want to build a real business, not a flash-in-the-pan fad-based operation.

So our focus for the May 2010 release is "enhanced link-building for our SEO reseller members." We have found a number of new outlets for links and have been working with our staff to make sure the guidelines are clear and the instructions well-tested. Additionally, we have acquired some additional sites that carry strong authority in a number of niches that will help. To give you more specifics, we have completed a detailed write-up of our link-building product (about 3 pages) where we go into detail on all of our existing approaches as well as the new link-building techniques we are rolling out in May. This write-up is suitable as a pre-sales tool as well as a customer service support document that we think every SEO reseller should circulate to their staff.