2014 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Retargeting Statistics

In February 2014, Semify conducted a PPC research study to measure consumer reaction to the unique type of pay-per-click advertising known as Retargeting or Remarketing.

The participants were comprised of 300 men and women ages 18-65. The goal of the retargeting statistics survey was to better understand consumer awareness of and sentiment toward PPC retargeting ads so that we can better advise our reseller clients on the use of this lucrative and growing online advertising strategy.

In the eBook, many interesting trends were found, including a high click-through rate for retargeted ads and comments from study participants that praised retargeting:

From reading this eBook, you’ll understand:

  • What is retargeting?
  • How consumers respond to retargeting in 2014
  • PPC research on the relationship consumers have with internet marketing from their perspective
  • The importance of retargeting, and PPC in internet marketing in general
  • An overview of retargeting statistics