What Are Our Requirements for New PPC Campaigns?

Occasionally, our PPC analysts advise that we cannot accept an Adwords or Facebook campaign. While this is a rare situation, we wanted to share some information with our resellers about our criteria for accepting new PPC campaigns. In the same way that we perform keyword research before accepting SEO campaigns — to ensure the target keywords fit within the recommended budget — our PPC analysts use the Semify Keyword Planner to research the campaign. If the campaign doesn’t meet our monthly budget and daily click criteria, our PPC analysts will return the PRQ to the reseller.

No successful company wants to make it hard for you to give them money, and we perform this due diligence for a simple reason: we want the campaign to succeed. In our experience, PPC campaigns with low monthly budgets are less likely to succeed.

So what, exactly, are our requirements for new PPC campaigns?

We have a few requirements for monthly media spend:

  • For Local PPC Campaigns: Will the requested area fit within the budget/keywords? For Example: We may not be able to run a campaign targeting the entire U.S. on a $500 / month budget.
  • If the campaign’s monthly budget is below $1,000, we cannot divide the ad spend between multiple platforms (Facebook, Adwords, Bing, Amazon)
  • The minimum monthly budget we allow is $500


In addition, we want to make sure the campaign can meet its conversion goal with its budget. To do this, we perform a calculation. Most campaigns should have a minimum conversion rate of 5% (E-Commerce conversion rate: 1.5%). We use our PPC Keyword Planner to check the cost-per-clicks for the suggested keywords on the search network.

Conversion goal equation:

(Monthly Budget / Average CPC) * Conversion Rate = Est. Conversions

Our analysts also recommend setting the minimum budget to an amount that would allow the client to get at least 3-4 clicks a day. For example, given an estimated CPC of $25, we would calculate that:

$25 cpc * 3.5 clicks per day = $88 a day spend

$88 a day spend * 30 days = $2,640 recommended monthly budget

Finally, our analysts may return a PRQ for further work if vital information is missing (such as log in information, geo-targeting info, etc.). We are always looking for ways to improve our PPC and social advertising products, so if you have any questions about a potential PPC client, please reach out to our sales engineering team for assistance.