White Label PPC Case Study


Pay-per-click advertisements play a crucial role in digital marketing for virtually any industry. While white label SEO addresses long-term growth, PPC can fulfill more immediate needs for lead generation and conversions. Together, these two components can strengthen client success.

But if your client is accustomed to more traditional print ads or you haven’t really delved into the world of PPC yourself, this method can seem intimidating. Certainly, PPC campaigns are more complex than your average newspaper or magazine ad — and that’s really to your advantage.

PPC ads can be finely tuned to reach your target audience and learn more about their online behavior. You can’t gain that kind of insight with traditional forms of advertising, which means you’ll be swapping out a leap of faith with an informed choice when you opt for PPC. You’ll also be able to tailor your PPC campaigns to fit your client’s budget — freedom that doesn’t really exist when you’re restricted by the ad prices of a given outlet. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective maneuver that can be scaled or paused as needed over time.

Of course, when you choose to work with a partner who can offer white label PPC management, you won’t even have to work out the nitty gritty details for yourself. You can trust your provider to conduct thorough market research, bid on the best keywords, set up the right kinds of ads, and monitor these campaigns for maximum return. In addition, they’ll be able to provide you with reporting tools that will allow you to improve client relationships and grow your business in the process.

Every PPC campaign is different, of course, which is why you need an experienced and highly adaptable source for white label PPC management services. We understand that making the right outsourcing decision isn’t easy — and that our resellers deserve to feel confident in their choice before their clients ever spend a dime.

That’s why we put together this PPC case study. We’ll reveal some insights from a variety of pay-per-click campaigns and explain what steps our team took to ensure these clients achieved their goals. We’ll also include some snapshots of previous campaigns to illustrate our PPC management capabilities and how these businesses have grown as a result of our efforts. We believe that by growing together, we create the freedom to be more. There’s no better way to show exactly what we mean than by providing living proof of our campaign success stories.

Orlando Car Dealership


This PPC campaign for an Orlando area car dealership has been running only a short while, but the results are undoubtedly impressive. In this case, the reseller wanted to keep the cost per action under $150 ($130 was the goal). Our PPC analyst used their expertise to determine the best keyword bids — and a combination of core and branded campaign ads — to yield high conversions and low costs. In fact, the current cost per action for this campaign is $19.24. That translates to a major return on investment while minimizing initial spend. There’s still room to grow this early in the campaign and our analyst expects to continue this positive trajectory.

Seattle Luxury Apartment Building


Although this campaign doesn’t look like it’s been as successful at first glance, context matters. This client owns a brand new luxury apartment building in the Seattle area. The client’s main goal? To eliminate unit vacancies. Our analyst carefully selected and monitored this campaign’s PPC ads over the past year — and their efforts paid off. Now that every apartment has been rented, the client has decreased their ad spending. As a result, their ad clicks have slowed. But that’s exactly what should happen as part of this strategy. And while the cost per action goal was around $13.50, our actual cost per action ended up being only $1.78. In the end, that’s a substantial number of impressions for the investment.

Apartment Rental Campaign


Here’s another apartment rental PPC campaign managed by our team. In this case, we measured phone calls and contact form fills to provide conversion reporting. As you can see, leads increased from just 23 in July 2019 to 56 leads in October. This campaign also experienced a 55% decrease in cost per lead (CPA). Lowering the cost of each lead is accomplished through diligent work on our side to improve the quality score of the campaign. In just three months, this campaign saw a tremendous amount of growth and was able to achieve its advertising goals.

Englewood Urgent Care Center


Switching gears, let’s take a quick glimpse into a PPC campaign we ran for an urgent care clinic in Englewood. The urgent care industry is becoming more crowded by the day, which means that PPC analysts need to bid carefully, monitor their campaigns closely, and make small adjustments as needed. In this case, we also had a conversion goal, which means we measured phone calls and website forms. Over the span of a year, leads increased from 46 per month to 124 per month — representing a 169% increase. During that same period, the client’s budget increased by only $20. Notably, the cost per lead dropped from $99 per lead to $37 per lead (a 62% decrease). In other words, that minimal increase in investment translated to major savings and significant lead generation. This perfectly illustrates the cost-effectiveness of PPC and how vital a role it can play in your marketing strategy.

Eyelash Sculpting Salon

The beauty and personal care industry is booming, which means that the market is highly saturated. When you own a brick-and-mortar business in this sector, it makes sense to advertise with PPC in order to appear more prominently in local search results. In this case, a salon that offered eyelash extensions and other related services decided to venture into PPC ads in order to increase their conversion goal. From phone call and website form tracking, we know that the salon was receiving only two leads per month in January 2019. But by March 2019, the client generated 17 leads (a 750% increase!). Although the budget did increase 99.8% during the three-month period, their cost per lead actually dropped from $159.66 to $37.53, representing a 76.49% decrease in cost per lead. Clearly, this can be a viable solution for small, independently owned businesses that need to see immediate results.

Although PPC is just one component of digital marketing, it’s one that many of your clients should be careful not to overlook. When you partner with a PPC provider who can deftly handle all of the setup and management, you’ll be able to share the stellar results with your clients while you focus on other integral aspects of your business. In short, we’ll be able to grow together so we can be more, do more, and have more.

Ready to take the next step? To learn more about our white label PPC management services, contact our team today.

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